Touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers & smart sanitary solutions

We do all our manufacturing and R&D in-house, so we can provide an unmatched level of flexibility with your specs, providing tailor-made high-quality products.
Every day, millions of users around the globe enjoy our products. We manufacture the best touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, electronic hand dryers, touchless paper dispensers, and flush valves for urinals & toilets.
Stern Engineering – supporting green building while improving sanitary conditions worldwide!

Elevate Hygiene with Behind-the-Mirror Touchless Faucets - Stern's SWAR Innovations

Elevate Hygiene with Behind-the-Mirror Touchless Faucets – Stern’s SWAR Innovations

Welcome to Stern Engineering Ltd., where we revolutionize bathroom hygiene with cutting-edge solutions. Our latest breakthrough, the SWAR (Soap, Water, and Air Revolution), redefines the bathroom experience. Immerse yourself in the fusion of innovation and aesthetics as we introduce a range of behind-the-mirror touchless faucets, designed for space efficiency and unparalleled cleanliness.

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Elevating Commercial Bathrooms with Stern's Touchless Solutions

Elevating Commercial Bathrooms with Stern’s Touchless Solutions

Unveil a new era in commercial bathroom design with Stern Engineering Ltd. From deck-mounted touchless faucets to behind-the-mirror solutions, explore a comprehensive range tailored for airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, and more. Elevate hygiene standards, optimize water efficiency, and discover the perfect blend of form and function. Stern’s commitment to excellence transforms commercial bathrooms into sleek, efficient, and hygienic spaces. Explore our curated design ideas and innovative solutions for a touchless revolution in sanitation sophistication.

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