Happy Easter 2023 from Stern: the right time for innovation

Touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers & smart sanitary solutions

We do all our manufacturing and R&D in-house, so we can provide an unmatched level of flexibility with your specs, providing tailor-made high-quality products.
Every day, millions of users around the globe enjoy our products. We manufacture the best touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, electronic hand dryers, touchless paper dispensers, and flush valves for urinals & toilets.
Stern Engineering – supporting green building while improving sanitary conditions worldwide!

ISH STERN 2023 - Opening the doors to the future with innovative solutions for touchless bathrooms

Opening the doors to the future with innovative solutions for touchless bathrooms

Are you looking for innovative solutions to improve the hygiene and safety of your commercial bathroom? Look no further than Stern’s touchless sanitary solutions. From touchless cubicle partitions to the award-winning SWAR TV behind-the-mirror hand washing station, these cutting-edge products are revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers interact with bathroom technology. We’ll explore the latest touchless sanitary solutions from Stern and how they can help you create a more hygienic and modern bathroom experience.

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Stern unveils exciting new products at ISH 2023 ISH STERN 2023

Stern unveils exciting new products at ISH 2023

Thanks for visiting the Stern Engineering stand at ISH Frankfurt! We appreciate your time and wanted to remind you of our newest touchless solution, the Touchless Cubicle Partitions for Commercial Washrooms. They seamlessly operate with both proximity sensors and manual operation, optimizing surface hygiene and minimizing cross-contamination risk. With easy installation, a user-friendly interface, and minimal maintenance, they’re a top choice for commercial restrooms. Also, check out our award-winning SWAR TV’s behind-the-mirror hand washing stations, delivering targeted advertising, information, and entertainment. It’s the ultimate commercial bathroom tech with versatile input and control options. Learn more on our website and stay tuned for our next exhibition appearance!

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