Stern manufactures touchless automatic soap dispensers, touch-free hand sanitizers & behind the mirror wash stations complete or modular sanitary ware solutions, with touch-free soap dispensers or foam dispensers behind the mirror. All of Our touchless soap dispensers and hand sanitizer stands are specifically designed & manufactured for high-traffic commercial uses and public areas. Looking for a smart touch-free soap dispenser? want to go Germ-Free or Touch-Free? Check out our touchless soap and foam dispensers!
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Soap Dispensers

Wall-mounted touchless automatic soap dispensers

Stern’s stunning wall-mounted soap dispensers give commercial bathrooms an elegant and luxurious feel. Modern design auto soap dispensing solutions for wall placement. Find the best wall-mounted touchless automatic soap dispensers here!

Deck-mounted touchless automatic soap dispensers

A large selection of robust, modern, and automatic deck-mounted soap dispensers from Stern. The deck-mounted soap dispensers are sensor activated and reduce the transfer of germs in commercial and public bathrooms.

Behind the mirror automatic soap dispensers

Select the best behind-the-mirror solution for your bathroom or hand washing area. The SWAR – soap, water, air – is a modular behind-the-mirror solution for the automatic and touchless modern bathroom.

Touchless automatic soap dispensers - The bestsellers

Entering the bathroom in a hotel, restaurant, airport or any business always has an impact on your experience and overall view of the business. The right automatic soap dispenser, faucet, and hand dryer can influence the final review of your visitors. Automatic soap dispensers are becoming more and more common, with good reason. They function much better than traditional soap dispensers and are much more hygienic. Finding the most suitable automatic soap dispenser can be quite overwhelming since the design and the multifeed function are just two specifications of the comprehensive product. What are the differences between the dispensers, what types are on the market today, and what is the best soap dispenser for your needs? A soap and foam dispenser? A matching duo of touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers? Perhaps you want to consider an innovative behind-the-mirror solution…

Find the best touchless automatic soap dispensers making hand washing as sanitary and germ free as possible!

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More about commercial bathroom soap dispensers

Benefits of touchless automatic soap dispensers

There are many reasons to go touchless in your bathrooms. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us all how important hygiene is, and how crucial it is to maintain a clean and germ free restroom and hand washing area in offices and work environments. 

Minimize cross contamination

With automatic and touchless soap dispensers there is no need to operate a device manually! If there is no touch, these is almost no chance for a transmission of germs. Minimize cross contamination with the best auto soap dispensers.

easy to install and use

There are some manual and automatic soap dispensers that are difficult to operate. No more pressing a pump or button several times, thanks to automatic soap dispensers. Stern products are installed and monitored all around the world.

germ free & clean hand washing area

Auto soap dispensers, as the name implies, are automatic! Correct amount of soap or foam dispensing each time, result is soap spills not only to save costs but to keep your bathroom more clean overtime. 

New commercial soap dispenser.

Keep your commercial bathroom current with Sterns Automatic soap dispensers.

Best commercial soap dispenser

Stern’s automatic soap dispensers will make your commercial bathroom luxurious and stylish