Become our Stern OEM or Private Labelled Customer

Stern’s Private Labelling, OEM & Component Kits Programs

At Stern, everything is developed and produced in-house, from complete products to specific components such as infrared sensors, piezo switches and solenoid valves. In addition to our standard product range, we also manufacture custom-made products on demand.

Stern’s OEM customers produce different types of bathroom fittings or other products that combine automation and water. As components must integrate with an existing device, or with a device which may still be in development, Stern custom-designs its solutions and handles the integration from conception to installation, assuring that the product works perfectly in every specified environment.

In the evolving field of water control and management, Stern will find the quickest, easiest solution. In many cases, “special” requirements made by a customer today, become tomorrow’s standard. Stern ensures the high quality of its cost-effective products and components by keeping all core processes in-house: design, development, manufacturing and assembly.

stern oem - Stern’s Private Labelling, OEM & Component Kits Programs

What are the benefits of being a Stern Private Labelled or OEM customer?

  • Reduced costs, higher profit margins and quick time to market by streamlining your manufacturing process. Stern’s OEM customers have a partner that will support you from the initial design process stage all the way through to final delivery.
  • All Stern components are manufactured and tested in house making any additional testing or re-engineering obsolete.
  • The procurement and design processes become more efficient because Stern can directly supply a wide range of component variants, such as inputs and outputs, different types and sizes of sensor packaging, power supplies and more.
  • Simplified product qualification. No investment research and manufacturing processes with a single part number for purchasing and tracking. Tested and warranted subassembly eliminates much of the engineering to integrate components.