Premiering Stern's Patented Touchless Cubicles

Excited to Premier Stern’s Patented Touchless Cubicles

Elevate any commercial project with the Sleek and Grand look of Stern’s Touchless Cubicles and see the innovation of aesthetics and functionality at work.

Stern’s cubicles are a unique fully integrated access system operated through proximity sensors

Sleek with Stern: Episode 2 - Exploring Sustainable Power Solutions for Modern Architecture

Tune in to the second podcast episode of ‘Sleek with Stern’, where we delve into discussions on power source options to optimize functionality and sustainability in your projects.

Sleek with Stern: Episode 1 - Unveiling Architecture's Latest Trends

Welcome to the premiere episode of “Sleek with Stern”, where industry experts Claudio Perl and Brittany Hahmeggerry dive deep into the latest trends and burning questions shaping the world of architecture and interior design. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind top industry topics and provide insightful commentary for architects and designers alike.

“Beauty & Automation in Commercial Bathroom Design”

Facilitated by ATS on 23 July 2023, this webinar is now available at ATS University web.

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Touchless Cubicles with Occupancy Indicator

SWAR & SWAR TV Cabinets

Touchless Soap , Water & Air wall mounted Trio

Soap and Water Duo

Beauty and automation in commercial bathroom design - All in one touchless sanitary solution for hand washing