Always Committed To Green Building And Water-Efficient Products

lpf* – Liters Per Flush / gpf – Gallons Per Flush |*lpm – Liters Per Minute / gpm = Gallons Per Minute

psi  = pounds per square inch  / kPa  = kilopascals

Stern Engineering gives high priority to products that address today’s water conservation needs, while also guaranteeing water quality and accessibility. With more than three decades of specialization and experience, Stern’s technology leads and sets the industry norms.

In addition to boosting technological development, Stern plays a central role in continuously reinventing electronic faucets: from hygienic and water-saving products designed for public washrooms, to reliable, safe and green products for the public and residential sphere.
We are committed to providing smart water delivery solutions that maximize water savings without sacrificing the users’ experience or the products’ durability and lifespan.

Stern is proud to partner with the Israel Green Building Council (ILGBC), a partnership designed to conserve the scarce water supply, and dedicated to promoting water efficiency and conservation.

What is LEED?

LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a third-party certification developed by the USGBC, US Green Building Council. LEED has the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, improvement and operation of high-performance green buildings. The certification system encourages global adoption of sustainable practices by setting performance criteria for key human and environmental health issues: sustainable site development, water and energy efficiency, material selection and indoor quality. The LEED system applies to a wide variety of buildings: from commercial and office buildings, universities, schools, hospitals, hotels, and warehouses, to single family homes and residential complexes. Each has a customized rating system. The LEED program awards cumulative points for all aspects of green design, including water conservation and energy efficiency.

Earning points and levels of certification

Stern’s products contribute greatly towards LEED certification. In the water-efficiency category of the New Construction rating scale, a 25% reduction in interior aggregate water consumption is the prerequisite for LEED qualification. Two LEED points are credited for achieving a 30% percent reduction; an additional point is earned for a 35% reduction; four points for 40% reduction, five points for 45% reduction, and a total of six points for 50% percent reduction. Based on the total number of points e2arned, LEED awards one of four levels of certification: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All certified projects receive a LEED plaque, the nationally recognized symbol of a profitable, healthy and environmentally-responsible building.

Products that LEED the way

From faucets and showerheads to state-of-the art aerators, Stern has hundreds of water-efficient products. All are designed to help environmentally-conscious developers, property owners, architects, contractors, and builders to conserve water and lower energy costs. Stern faucets and flush valves constantly achieve maximum LEED scores for water conservation. Our water-efficient solutions support the needs of the world’s growing population without sacrificing design – all while increasing efficiency, performance, and reliability.


All of Stern’s faucets meet WaterSense criteria without sacrificing performance. Stern offers an effective way to reduce the costs of water use in public areas by minimizing the amount of wasted water. Unlike manually-operated faucets that are often left running or only partially shut off, electronic faucets automatically stop after use. Stern faucets also include a Security Time Limiter, adjustable by remote control, to prevent the continuous flow of water. If the sensor is covered for more than 90 seconds, the water flow will stop automatically. This security feature can be used to reduce the actual water flow as well. For example, a security time of 20 seconds using a six liter per minute aerator will dispense a cycle of only two liters.


Faucet aerators are simple add-ons that make any public faucet compliant with many program certification standards. By forcing air into the water stream to maintain pressure with less water, Stern’s aerators reduce the flow per minute while maintaining performance.

Shower Heads

Stern’s showerheads help maximize LEED points using up to 30% less water on a nine-liter flow. Stern offers electronic shower control and vandal-resistant showerheads, which compose a durable, reliable, water- saving product.

DUET – Dual flush Infrared system

DUET delivers three liters of water for liquid waste and six liters for solid waste. To achieve more LEED points, Stern can supply a 4.5-liter flush for solid waste. The average flush is reduced to about 3.37 Liters (based on an approximate ratio of three “half” flushes for every “full” flush), thus saving 44% more water than a standard six-liter toilet flush valve. Flush time is also adjustable by remote control.