Stern manufactures touchless faucets & behind the mirror wash station complete or modular sanitary ware solutions and many other products and accessories. All of Our touchless faucets specifically designed & manufactured for high traffic commercial uses and public areas. Looking for smart hands free faucet? want to go Germ Free or Touch Free? 

Check out or touchless deck mounted and wall mounted faucets!  

Touchless Faucets - Deck Mounted Bathroom Faucet - Touch Free Deck Mounted Faucets​

Deck Mounted Touchless Faucets

Sterns touchless deck mounted faucets, as a single minimalist elegant solution for touchless washrooms or as part of a deck faucet duo with a matching soap dispenser. The touchless deck mounted faucets you need to check out!
Sterns Wall Faucets are ideal as a touchless solution for water delivery in commercial and public bathrooms. The wall mounted faucet are trendy, smart and water saving. Bathroom wall faucets – commercial and public faucets for hand washing with wall mounted installation.

Behind mirror hand dryer, behind the mirror soap dispenser and behind the mirror faucet. Stern offers a complete touchless solution for hand washing in commercial and public bathrooms. All of the modules for washing , soaping and drying are completely modular with a several custom width and module configurations. 

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