Touchless WC cubicles
with occupancy indicator

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The only access system that seamlessly works with both proximity sensors or manual operation as preferred!

patented | Touchless bathroom partitions

Touchless operation

The user’s hand is simply presented in front of an LED to open the door and enter the stall.

Manual operation in case of power failure

Exclusive at Stern touchless patented cubicles:
If the user prefers so or the electricity is gone,
the door can be opened or closed and locked manually, just like a regular toilet cubicle!

Manual | Touchless bathroom partitions

In case of an emergency

The locked door can be manually opened from outside using a special Allen key.

Emergensy | Touchless bathroom partitions
Partition Manufacture 1 | Touchless bathroom partitions

HPL partitions and door manufacturer

Stern’s new production hall for HPL cubicles, partitions, and doors was designed and constructed according to the most severe requirements in manufacturing. We aim to provide our clients with quality robust products that boast great longevity and a variety of stylish finishes. We provide a full service from the design stage, through accurate manufacturing, delivery, and installation.