Touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers & smart sanitary solutions

We do all our manufacturing and R&D in-house, so we can provide an unmatched level of flexibility with your specs, providing tailor-made high-quality products.
Every day, millions of users around the globe enjoy our products. We manufacture the best touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, electronic hand dryers, touchless paper dispensers, and flush valves for urinals & toilets.
Stern Engineering – supporting green building while improving sanitary conditions worldwide!

Elevate Your Commercial Washroom Project with Stern Engineering's Matte Black Luxury Collection

Elevate Your Commercial Washroom Project with Stern Engineering’s Matte Black Luxury Collection

Are you ready to transform your commercial washroom into a haven of sophistication and hygiene? Step into luxury with Stern Engineering’s latest newsletter, featuring an iconic, world-class tower near Penn Station in New York City. Picture this: sleek, matte black finishes adorning washrooms, setting a new standard of elegance and functionality. With Stern’s Extreme CS faucets and soap dispensers, alongside state-of-the-art touchless urinals, your washroom projects can reach new heights of luxury.

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