Touchless Deck Mounted Faucets (72)

Touchless Wall Mounted Faucets (43)

Touch Faucets (18)

Lavatory Touch Free Deck Mounted Faucets

Stern’s touchless faucets are ideal for public bathrooms to help conserve water and limit the spread of germs and bacteria. Given their ease of installation and maintenance, our touchless technology reduces grime and saves time. Pick out your tap of choice from our stylish and exceptionally durable range of touchless commercial taps.

Lavatory Touch Free Wall Mounted Faucets

Our unique wall-mounted faucets generate more countertop space for storage and décor, while creating a neater overall look. Both aesthetically and physically cleaner, Stern’s range of wall-mounted faucets offer a surprising and fun design element for that extra style and interest while conserving water and reducing the spread of germs. Find the wall-mounted electronic tap that best suits your needs now!

Touch Faucets

For those who prefer old-school, tactical control over their water usage, Stern has a varied assortment of touch faucets to serve your every need! Stylish and durable, our range of touch faucets fit every style and décor. Discover the touch faucet that most fits your needs.