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The Concealed Soap Dispenser Experience​ - Girl-using-SWAR

Decorate your public washrooms in the most innovative and creative way using our Behind the Mirror Solutions to create a minimalist space that hides all bathroom fixtures. Stern’s BTM solution ensures users have the least possible contact with paper towel-, water- and soap dispensers in line with the highest standards of hygiene, while creating a washroom that is more open, clean, and tidy.

“Behind the mirror” solutions are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms, and the SWAR (Soap, Water, Air, and Rinse) behind-the-mirror module from Stern Faucets is an excellent example of the innovative products available for this trend.

This module is designed to save space and provide a sleek, minimalist look in the bathroom. The module incorporates soap dispensing, water delivery, and hand drying, all within the space behind the mirror. The user can simply press a button to activate the desired function, and the system provides an automated, touchless experience.

The SWAR behind-the-mirror module is activated by infrared sensors, which detect the presence of a user’s hand and dispense soap, water, and air automatically. This feature helps to promote a germ-free environment by reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses through touch.

The module is available in chrome finish, and it includes a 1-liter soap bottle and a bottle support. Additional finishes are also available to match any bathroom decor.

This innovative product is perfect for high-traffic public restrooms, including airports, malls, stadiums, and other commercial settings. It can also be installed in upscale residential bathrooms to provide a luxurious, high-tech experience.

Overall, the SWAR behind-the-mirror module is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a modern, streamlined bathroom space. It offers exceptional functionality, easy installation, and reliable performance, making it a great investment for any bathroom renovation project.