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World Leader in the Sanitary Market

Touch Free Faucets & Soap Dispensers, Flush Valves and related accessories.

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Stern pioneers sustainable cutting-edge innovations for bathrooms worldwide.

We Design, Develop And Manufacture Everything In-House, Which Empowers Us With An Unmatched Level Of Flexibility In Production And Delivery.
Less Is More - Stern Engineering Touchless Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Flush Valves for Urinals and Toilets & Bathroom Accessories
For over 30 years Stern has been a pioneer in designing water-saving sanitary products with cutting-edge infrared technology. Dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime, our worldwide network of local agents and distributors, provides sales support in over 80 countries. Manufactured entirely in-house, our diverse range of products include electronic wall- and deck-mounted faucets, touch-free soap dispensers, electronic flush valves for urinals and toilets, electronic shower controls, shower panels and vandal-resistant shower heads. Stern also produces a large variety of components, including infrared sensors, piezo switches and solenoid valves.
At Stern, we develop technologies that improve water-efficiency without compromising design, quality, affordability or performance, so every moment you spend in your kitchen or bathroom is one worth remembering.
Our product quality has long been endorsed by ISO 9001 and we are proud that our technology and leadership continues to redefine industry benchmarks. Stern plays a central role in bringing reliable, hygienic and eco-friendly electronic products to commercial and residential restrooms to improve your everyday experiences with water. We are committed to providing revolutionary water delivery solutions that maximize water savings and points for LEED projects while ensuring the comfort and convenience of the user experience and the durability and life span of our products. All of our products use state-of-the-art electronics and are operated by precision-crafted infrared sensors or piezo switches.

Stern’s core values


With the aim of creating lasting change inside your home, we design, engineer, and manufacture all our products in accordance with your sanitary needs. We guarantee the quality of our products from a single source to ensure they live up to the most uncompromising demands in terms of workmanship and functionality.

Innovation & Design​

Stern pushes the boundaries of touchless innovation to revolutionize your water experience by merging affordable design with reliable functionality.

Team Work

Diverse, agile, productive and completely independent, our Stern team is free to dream, explore, and innovate to create pioneering solutions that improve your water experience.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Stern products aim to minimize your water and energy use while maximizing your water enjoyment, hygiene, and cleanliness. Our products are both attractive and durable, and given that we offer a single-source solution, we guarantee they are manufactured in environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions.

Stern Breakthroughs

Ever since its inception in 1989, Stern Engineering has been on the frontline of technological innovation pioneering complete bathroom solutions that solve every day, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Steeped in craftsmanship, creativity, and reliability, at Stern quality is stamped into everything we make.

Stern and Sustainability

As the world’s population continues to rise, rapid urbanization and burgeoning environmental change threaten our most valuable resource. Stern is ready to help you face these challenges head on.

Reconciling economic objectives with ecological obligations, our production processes take into account both stricter legal specifications as well as the increasing environmental awareness of our global clientele. With an eye on a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow, our production processes and products emulate a perfect blend of sustainability and usability.

Stern designs and manufactures plumbing products that save water, use fewer materials, and require less energy. We understand that effective, secure, and efficient water management is essential to sustainability and take pride in providing green innovations that serve both our customers as well as the planet. We proactively seek to help you reduce water and energy consumption to meet environmental targets in line with official sustainability goals.

The Stern Team

Our team is small, agile, productive and completely independent. We are free to dream, explore, and innovate to our heart’s delight, thereby ensuring that every new product idea is quickly refined, produced, and brought to market.

Inclusivity at Stern

Though small, we boast exceptional diversity, which we celebrate and cherish deeply. We understand that it’s our differences which make us stronger as a team and use our different voices, ideas, and backgrounds as a source of empowerment to fuel our growth.

Stern's Innovative Minds Lead The Way

Sanitary products development as an evolving profession that brings together a strong commitment to the environment with the best engineering minds. With 26 years of successful innovations, Stern has the experience and skill to anticipate consumer needs, research and develop new products to meet those needs, and create business models that include new and improved products and offers. After almost a decade of revival, wall-mounted faucets are clearly here to stay, as designers clearly appreciate the sophisticated and sleek look they can create using wall-mounted faucets. However, these faucets require precise installation and are usually less cost effective than their deck-mounted counterparts.

Mounting Frames For Soap and Water Systems

With Stern’s new mounting frame for touch-free wall-mounted faucets and soap dispensers, the installation is simple, easy and quick. The new line provides a complete installation set that includes a mounting frame, electronic wall-mounted faucet and an electronic soap dispenser. It requires only a quick and simple on-site installation that leaves little room for mistakes, thus saving time and unnecessary hassle: mount the frame, connect the faucet and dispenser, add the sink, and done.

Foam Soap Dispensers

Due to increasing market demand for Stern soap dispensers to include a foaming option, a new line of Stern’s foam dispensers is now available. With the same sleek design and prominent advantages, the new foam soap dispensers include a remote control for adjusting the soap and air mixture. And as we are well aware of the substantial cost of soap, the system was designed to be filled with any non-proprietary soap.