World leader in the sanitary market

Stern Engineering Designs, Develops, And Delivers Innovative Sanitary Solutions That Protect the Environment by Conserving Our Most Precious Resource: Water.
Touch Free Faucets & Soap Dispensers, Flush Valves, And Related Accessories.

Stern Engineering Ltd‏ World Leader In The Sanitary Market - Stern Engineering Touchless Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Flush Valves for Urinals and Toilets & Bathroom Accessories

At Stern, Everything Is Developed and Manufactured In-House: From Complete Products Such as Faucets and Soap Dispensers to Components Such as Infrared Sensors, Piezo Switches, and Solenoid Valves. Alongside Our Standard Product Range, We Manufacture Custom-Made Products On Demand.

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Maximizing LEED points with Stern products

Stern offers a comprehensive range of products for the complete automated bathroom experience.
Committed to green building and water efficiency, Stern products can be used to earn LEED points.

Our Factory Can Provide Tailor-Made Sanitary Products suited to Your Specifications. Our Sales and Service Team is Happy to Help You Achieve Your Designing Dreams.

Stern's Touchless Products Are Now Available In A Wide Variety Of Colors And Special Finishes. Whatever Your Commercial Bathroom Requires – We Can Provide On Demand.