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The old “Textile Building”

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The old “Textile Building” - Stern Engineering

About the bathrooms project in the old "Textile Building"

The Textile Building, located at 295 5th Ave in New York City, is a historic landmark that has been transformed into a modern office space. As part of the building’s renovation, Stern touch-free faucets and soap dispensers have been installed in the restrooms to provide a hygienic and convenient hand-washing experience for tenants and visitors.

One of the products installed in the Textile Building is the Extreme-CS touchless wall faucet. This faucet is designed for commercial use and features a touch-free sensor technology that allows for hands-free operation, helping to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. The Extreme-CS faucet is also ADA compliant and features an adjustable temperature control to ensure user comfort.

In addition to touch-free faucets, the Textile Building also features the Extreme-CS automatic soap dispenser. This soap dispenser is battery-operated and delivers a precise amount of soap without the need for touch, making it a hygienic and convenient choice for high-traffic restrooms. The Extreme-CS soap dispenser is also designed with a clear window to make it easy to monitor soap levels and features a lockable cover to prevent tampering.

Overall, by installing Stern touch-free faucets and soap dispensers, the Textile Building is able to provide a modern and hygienic restroom experience for its tenants and visitors, while also promoting good hand hygiene practices and reducing the risk of contamination.

The history of the old "Textile Building"

Built in 1920, 295 Fifth Avenue is located between E. 29th and E. 30th Streets and is known as The Textile Building.
It has served as a prominent trade center for the home textiles industry for over a century.
The building is home to over 150 textile companies and features a bas relief of a mechanized loom above the entrance.
In contrast to the older and more decorative 213-231 Fifth Avenue to the south, 295 Fifth Avenue has a more modern aesthetic with neutral colors and simple, classical details.

More about the location

295 Fifth Avenue is a century-old building that spans an entire city block. It offers ample natural light, high ceilings, and spacious full-floor spaces. The building also features outdoor areas and two new penthouse floors with panoramic city views. The design of the building seamlessly blends the grandeur and durability of its historical past with the modern amenities and specifications sought after by today’s tenants. Situated in Midtown South, just north of Madison Square Park, 295 Fifth Avenue offers easy access to transportation, a wide array of dining options, and a vibrant neighborhood with plenty of restaurants and bars.
The old “Textile Building” - Extreme CS faucets and soap dispensers 2

215 Extreme CS Duo
Wall mounted faucets & soap dispensers.

Products used in this project

Other product options

SWAR - Soap, Water & Air Revolution

Stern has developed a bathroom solution that includes a touchless faucet, soap dispenser, and high-speed hand dryer or paper dispenser, all housed behind a lockable mirror cabinet. Dubbed the “SWAR” (Soap, Water and Air Revolution), this complete sanitary cabinet not only ensures a clean and hygienic bathroom experience, but also helps to prevent the spread of germs. The cabinet features a high-speed hand dryer, mixing valve, touch-free faucet and soap dispenser, and LED pictograms to guide users. The SWAR is now available in different sizes and configurations.

Stern offers a virtual tour showcasing its innovative touchless technology.

Touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers not only improve hygiene but also conserve resources such as water, soap, and energy. Stern designs and manufactures all products and components, including infrared sensors, piezo switches, and solenoid valves, on-site. They also offer custom-made products to meet specific needs. By keeping production in-house, Stern guarantees the quality and cost-effectiveness of its products and components.
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