AZC Football club in Zutphen, The Netherlands

AZC Football club
Zutphen, The Netherlands

The Netherlands


Stern Piezo showers


Football club AZC, based in Zutphen Holland, is a renowned amateur association with a storied history that spans over a century. Established 105 years ago, the club has grown to encompass a passionate community of 800 members. Much like the world-famous FC Barcelona, AZC is not just about football; it’s about embodying values, traditions, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

The Customer

AZC’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in its partnership with UNICEF since 2009. All team shirts proudly display the UNICEF logo, symbolizing the club’s dedication to the cause.

Beyond symbolism, for every goal scored by any AZC team, a donation of €0.50 is made to UNICEF, a noble initiative supported by sponsors and a dedicated UNICEF committee.

AZC's commitment to social responsibility is evident in its partnership with UNICEF since 2009

Keeping it Green

The club’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. In 2016, AZC installed 200 solar panels, making the club entirely climate-neutral. Moreover, the club’s infrastructure saw significant development in 2010 with the construction of 8 new dressing rooms and several meeting rooms, all realized by volunteer members of AZC. 2010 was a significant year for AZC in terms of infrastructure development. The club built 8 new state-of-the-art dressing rooms and several meeting rooms. Remarkably, this entire endeavor was spearheaded and realized by volunteers, many of whom are professionals and dedicated members of AZC.

Solution Implementation

AZC Football club in Zutphen, The Netherlands
Chosen for their aesthetics and functionality, each of the newly constructed changing rooms is equipped with 5 Stern Piezo showers, totaling 40 installations.

Measurable Results

The outcome of this intervention is evident: The Stern Piezo showers have been operating flawlessly for the past six months, providing members with a top-tier facility experience. After an initial adaptation phase, users became accustomed to the Piezos’ distinct method of operation, and the system has been running smoothly. This upgrade has led to a significant decrease in water consumption and associated energy savings, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

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