Implement compulsory and regular flushing of the urinal-toilet using Stern’s Urinal Controls. Touch-free, ultra-hygienic, conservative in water use, and cheap to fit and retrofit to both new as well as existing urinal-toilet water pipe lines. Scroll down for more.

Concealed Electronic Flush Valves For Urinals
Touch Free flush valves for urinal with AISI316 stainless steel panel operated by IR sensor designed and manufactured by Stern and installed in the washrooms.

Urinal Controls
Concealed electronic flush valve for urinals for a germ free bathroom.

Touch Free Electronic Flush Valve For Urinals
No physical contact, helps protect users from cross contamination. Touch-free electronic flush valve for W.C. activated by a dual flush infrared sensor created by Stern for hygiene and water savings.

Touch-Free, Ultra-Hygienic, Conservative In Water Use, And Cheap To Fit And Retrofit
The best hands free electronic flush valve for urinals for a touch & germ free bathroom environment.

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