Embracing a Touchless Sanitary Transition at Honeyrose Hotel, Montreal



A Touchless Sanitary Transition at Honeyrose Hotel, Montreal - Honeyrose Hotel Montreal (Groupe Canvar)

About the location

Maintaining a pristine and sanitary environment holds paramount importance within the hospitality industry. Honeyrose Hotel, a recent addition to the esteemed Marriott Tribute Portfolio in Montreal, is no exception. As the world increasingly focuses on ensuring guest well-being, Honeyrose Hotel embarked on a mission to enhance its sanitary facilities. To achieve this, the hotel embarked on a collaborative journey with Stern Engineering, a global trailblazer renowned for its innovative touchless sanitary solutions.

The heightened emphasis on hygiene within shared spaces, particularly in the ever-evolving realm of hospitality, transcends a response to present-day global health concerns. It embodies an enduring commitment to prioritizing the safety and comfort of every guest. Located in the vibrant heart of Montreal, Honeyrose Hotel wholeheartedly upholds this commitment. Teaming up with Stern Engineering, a name synonymous with dependable touchless sanitary solutions, was a strategic step forward in realizing this objective. This collaboration has empowered Honeyrose Hotel to offer its guests the cutting-edge, touch-free hygiene solutions they deserve.

Products used in installation

Stern Engineering delivered a handpicked selection of its revolutionary products to Honeyrose Hotel, with the explicit aim of enhancing the hygiene standards in the hotel’s communal restroom facilities. Among the installed products are the Csaba Automatic Soap Dispenser with Soap Level Indicator and the Csaba Touchless Deck Mounted Faucet, each contributing to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing, touch-free, and hygienic restroom environment.

The Csaba Automatic Soap Dispenser with Soap Level Indicator is a state-of-the-art, sensor-operated device thoughtfully designed to dispense soap without requiring any physical contact. This contactless feature plays a pivotal role in curbing the transmission of germs and bacteria, a crucial consideration within large-scale, shared restroom spaces. Moreover, its straightforward installation process and ease of maintenance render it an ideal choice for facilities that prioritize hygiene-conscious practices.

Variety of finishes

The Csaba suite comes in a variety of finishes, catering to different aesthetic preferences. These finishes include Antique Bronze, Matt Black, Copper, Brushed Nickel among others, adding yet another touch of elegance and versatility to the hotels sanitary solutions.
Embracing a Touchless Sanitary Transition at Honeyrose Hotel, Montreal - Honeyrose Hotel Montreal (Groupe Canvar)
Honeyrose Hotel Montreal (Groupe Canvar) II

The incorporation of these innovative touchless sanitary solutions from Stern Engineering signifies a significant leap towards enhancing the overall hygiene standards at Honeyrose Hotel. This integration embodies the harmonious union of contemporary technology with the hotel’s already elegant ambiance, with the overarching goal of providing every guest with an environment that is not only luxurious but also secure and hygienic.

Stern Engineering takes immense pride in aligning itself with Honeyrose Hotel’s vision, one that champions the highest benchmarks in terms of design, sophistication, cleanliness, and safety. Our unwavering dedication to delivering a comprehensive range of touchless sanitary solutions, meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of the hospitality sector, is at the core of our mission. We cordially extend an invitation for you to explore the myriad ways in which Stern’s cutting-edge products can effectively meet and exceed the sanitary demands of your establishment.

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