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Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

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With hundreds of millions of passengers travelling through international airports each year, ensuring airport washrooms are kept clean and efficient is not an easy task. Travelers want to freshen up in a pleasant and hygienic environment and be in and out as quickly as possible. Crowded wash rooms can be a cause of great frustration for passengers who generally have little time to waste between journeys. In recent years, all new airport development plans have encouraged forward-thinking on the latest environmental advancements that support a responsible and sustainable strategy and create the best possible passenger experience.

About the Customer:

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport is located 11 km west southwest of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The airport was established in 1939, and today, it is the second busiest passenger airport in the Québec Province after Montréal–Trudeau. In 2008, a major development project began and a company specializing in energy efficiency was hired to specifically assess ways to make the newly planned international terminal as energy-efficient as possible with the intention of incorporating sustainable changes. A huge project thus began for the expansion of the entire international terminal, in fact, the largest expansion and redevelopment project in the history of Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport with major construction planned for the years ahead.

Key Challenges:

In 2016 alone, over 1.6 million passengers passed through Jean Lesage International Airport, and numbers are rising every year. For the designers and planners of the new terminal, ensuring a steady flow of passengers in the washrooms and keeping the down time of these facilities to a minimum while ensuring an uninterrupted user experience has been crucial. In addition to increasing the airport productivity and efficiency, bringing style and elegance to the forefront, together with a new look and feel, have been an important consideration in the decision making processes. At the same time, some ambitious energy-saving targets were set to provide new energy-efficient infrastructures within the new terminal of the airport.

Solution Implementation: Touch Free Faucet & Soap Dispenser

According to specific project specifications, a total of 6 unisex washrooms and 3 family washrooms in the new airport terminal were fitted with wall mounted, touch free, electronic faucets. The Stern model D28 faucets were paired and fitted alongside matching Stern Tubular wall mounted, touch free, electronic liquid soap dispensers creating a set for the perfect custom design.

In each of the washrooms, six soap dispensers were installed and fitted to one multifeed system, each containing one 6L liquid soap tank, enabling all 6 soap dispensers to be filled simultaneously.

Measurable Results:

The touch free faucets automatically activate when users place their hands in the sensor range and will stop once the users remove their hands ensuring the washrooms stay clean while saving water and preventing cross contamination.

The Tubular liquid soap dispensers close automatically when the users hand moves away from the IR sensor, ensuring that the bathroom remains clean and there is no waste since only preset and measured amounts of liquid soap, adjustable by remote control, are released from the non-drip dispenser.

Each 6 liter multifeed soap tank feeds 6 soap dispensers at once ensuring the cleaning and maintenance staff can keep to a very short down time with only one tank to fill per washroom for a constant and steady passenger flow in the washroom spaces.

Savings have been maximized with soap consumption having been drastically reduced since the soap quantity dispersed has been optimized onsite by remote control. With the need to fill the soap dispensers less, and cleaner areas throughout, thanks to the drip free features of the soap dispensers, visits by maintenance staff are down to a minimum.

Design requirements were also met with clean, stylish minimalistic finishes throughout the wash rooms and all of the main installation features hidden, including the multifeed system. A minimalistic clutter free elegance has been successfully created, while providing a streamlined user experience in the new wing of the airport.

Energy efficient infrastructures meeting strict pre-set energy savings targets have created a germ-free, automated, minimalistic design with vandal resistant, energy-saving features, all part of the success of the sustainable development plan for the new wing at the Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport.

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