Sustainable Elegance: Stern Tubular Faucets Transform Dublin’s Corporate Restrooms



Water Saving in Social Media Commercial Office Application

About the location

Discover how a major social media company in Dublin, Ireland, is making waves in water conservation through a groundbreaking project. In collaboration with the Facilities Coordinator, we embarked on a journey to enhance global sustainability by redefining water usage strategies. This transformative initiative focused on replacing traditional 6 LPM aerators with cutting-edge 1.89 LPM PCA Spray fittings in 96 Stern Tubular wall-mounted faucets Stainless Steel Finish (350100) and 96 Stern Tubular Soap dispensers SSF (350925).

About the location

Dublin, the vibrant hub of Ireland, sets the stage for innovative water-saving solutions in a major social media company’s commercial office. Our recent project delves into the heart of this bustling city, where eco-conscious decisions are steering change.

Products used in installation

At the inception of their tenancy, Stern faucets and soap dispensers were strategically installed, providing the foundation for our water-saving intervention. Explore the Tubular Touchless Wall Mounted Faucets and Tubular Automatic Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers, key players in this sustainable transformation.

Savings per faucet: A calculated breakdown

The journey to water efficiency involved a meticulous calculation of the current and proposed aerator settings:

Current Aerator: 6 LPM SSR PCA Stream
Proposed Aerator: 1.89 LPM PCA Spray fitting
Savings: 4.11 LPM
Potential Water Saving: 317%
Savings Per Minute (All Faucets): 4.11 LPM x 96 = 394.56 Litres per minute

The installation process: From proposal to reality

Witness the seamless transition from proposal to implementation as the water-saving aerators were ordered and installed on site by the dedicated Facilities Coordinator.

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers: The benefits unveiled

Explore the financial and ecological advantages of reducing water usage in the social media company’s commercial office:

  • Strain Reduction on Local Water Supplies
  • Positive Environmental Impact: Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Financial Gains: Lower Water Costs, Improved Profitability
  • Enhanced Business Reputation: Attracting Environmentally Conscious Clients
Water Saving in Social Media Commercial Office Application - Tubular faucet and soap dispenser

Delve into the simplicity and effectiveness of changing a faucet’s aerator—a small yet powerful step towards water conservation, financial savings, and a reduced environmental footprint. Whether you’re a business owner striving for profitability or an individual aiming to minimize water usage, this blog post uncovers the transformative impact of a seemingly modest change.

Explore the intersection of technology, sustainability, and corporate responsibility in Dublin’s social media commercial office—a beacon of water-saving innovation.

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