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We manufacture touchless electronic flush valves, touch free WC controls, touch free urinal controls & many more sanitary ware solutions with touch free technology for a water saving and germ free environment. Looking for smart touch free flush valve for the toilet or urinal ? 

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All of touchless flush valves specifically designed & manufactured for high traffic commercial uses and public areas.

Want to go Germ Free or Touch Free? 

WC Controls & Flush Valves come in all shapes and sizes. However, if you are looking for a solution for a commercial bathroom or a public area with high traffic, the touch free wc controls and touch free urinal controls is the solution for you. Upgrade your toilets with Stern’s W.C. Controls for ultimate pampering and convenience. Our W.C. Controls significantly cut water use, including our dual flush feature that determines how much water is needed to clean the toilet.
We offer all solutions for a touch free toilet or urinal bathroom area. You will be able to choose from concealed electronic flush valves for urinals, flush valves for toilets, hands free flush valves with a hydraulic override push button for manual operation or not.
Looking for an easy complete solution, for a specific flush valve or just the sensor? We offer all solutions for a touch free toilet or urinal bathroom area. Our Artis is a touch free concealed electronic cistern system. The flush system is activated by IR sensor, while the iron frame can be used and installed behind the wall in the washrooms, at any location with ease.
If you truly want to go germ free, touch free flush valves must be part of your next bathroom project. More and more business owners, companies, schools and many more around the world are now understanding that a touch free bathroom is critical for a truly safe, water saving and germ free environment.

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