Transforming Shopping & Food Factory’s Restroom with Stern Engineering Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo



Transforming Shopping & Food Factory's Restroom with Stern Engineering Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo
Welcome to the realm of modern restroom solutions offered by Stern Engineering. In this comprehensive case study, we explore how Stern’s innovative touchless technology and premium fixtures have transformed the restroom facilities at Shopping & Food Factory, a bustling restaurant renowned for its culinary excellence. From enhancing hygiene standards to elevating aesthetic appeal, discover how Stern’s Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo and Antique Bronze Sensor Faucet have revolutionized the restroom experience for both patrons and staff alike.

Client Overview

Shopping & Food Factory is a bustling restaurant renowned for its diverse culinary offerings and vibrant ambiance. Situated in the heart of a bustling city, the restaurant attracts a steady stream of patrons seeking delightful dining experiences. However, despite its culinary excellence, the restaurant’s restroom facilities were in need of a significant renovation to align with its upscale image and provide patrons with an enhanced restroom experience.


The existing restroom facilities at Shopping & Food Factory were outdated and did not meet the standards expected by the restaurant’s discerning clientele. The client sought a comprehensive renovation solution that would not only modernize the restroom but also prioritize hygiene and convenience for patrons and staff alike. Additionally, the client desired fixtures that would complement the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.


Stern Engineering collaborated closely with Shopping & Food Factory to design a tailored restroom renovation plan that addressed the client’s requirements for modernity, hygiene, and aesthetic appeal. Central to the renovation was the integration of Stern Engineering’s Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo with an Antique Bronze finish, a cutting-edge solution that combines sleek design with advanced functionality.
The Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo features state-of-the-art touchless technology, allowing patrons to dispense soap and water effortlessly, thereby promoting enhanced hygiene and minimizing cross-contamination. The Antique Bronze finish of the fixtures added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the restroom space, complementing the restaurant’s upscale ambiance.
In addition to the installation of the Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo, Stern Engineering provided an extensive selection of commercial washroom faucets and soap dispensers. The Antique Bronze Sensor Faucet, incorporating infrared motion sensor control, ensures hygiene by preventing cross-contamination between uses. With a built-in filter and easy installation design, this faucet guarantees smooth and durable operation, accompanied by mounting accessories and clear installation instructions for convenience.
Moreover, Stern Engineering revamped the entire restroom area, incorporating contemporary design elements, high-quality materials, and efficient space utilization. The result was a restroom that not only met but exceeded the expectations of Shopping & Food Factory’s clientele, providing a seamless blend of style, functionality, and hygiene.


The renovation of Shopping & Food Factory’s restroom facilities with Stern Engineering’s Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo and Antique Bronze Sensor Faucet has yielded significant benefits for both the client and its patrons. The touchless technology has enhanced hygiene standards, providing peace of mind to patrons and promoting a safer restroom environment. The Antique Bronze finish of the fixtures has elevated the restroom’s aesthetic appeal, contributing to a more luxurious dining experience for patrons.

Moreover, the renovation has underscored Shopping & Food Factory’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, further solidifying its reputation as a premier dining destination. 

Moving forward, the restaurant can continue to delight its patrons with not only exceptional culinary offerings but also impeccable restroom facilities that reflect its dedication to quality and innovation.

Stern Engineering Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo
Shopping Food Factory Touchless bathroom faucet and automatic soap dispenser | Transforming Shopping & Food Factory's Restroom with Stern Engineering Extreme CS Soap & Water Duo


Stern Engineering’s collaboration with Shopping & Food Factory exemplifies the transformative power of innovative restroom solutions in enhancing the overall customer experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and meticulous design, Stern Engineering has helped elevate Shopping & Food Factory’s restroom facilities to new heights, setting a benchmark for excellence in the hospitality industry.

Embark on a transformative journey in restroom design courtesy of Stern Engineering’s Touchless WC Cubicles. Our groundbreaking solution sets a new benchmark for privacy and hygiene in bustling public areas. 

These state-of-the-art cubicles boast a slim 42mm thick HPL surface, coming in a diverse range of colors to suit any aesthetic preference, thus imparting a touch of modern sophistication. With a floor-to-ceiling installation, these cubicles guarantee utmost privacy, while their flush-front design eradicates any protruding edges, resulting in a flawlessly seamless and visually captivating finish.

The intuitive occupancy indicators, integrated into the lock system, use LED sensors to clearly signal availability (green light) or indicate a locked door (red light). During power outages, our patented partitions allow for manual operation, ensuring functionality and user convenience even in emergencies.

Stern’s Touchless WC Cubicles prioritize surface hygiene, reduce the spread of germs, and enhance restroom safety and cleanliness.

Elevate the ambiance of your restroom with Stern Engineering’s revolutionary Behind-the-Mirror Hand Washing Stations. This innovative solution seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics, transforming commercial washrooms into sleek, hygienic environments that leave a lasting impression.

At the core of this groundbreaking design is the SWAR cabinet, a sophisticated sanitary solution that discreetly incorporates essential amenities behind a mirror. From a lockable mirror to a touchless tap, behind the mirror soap dispenser, and either a high-speed hand dryer or paper dispenser, each element is meticulously positioned for both convenience and elegance.

Powered by advanced infrared sensors, the tap, soap dispenser, and hand dryer operate effortlessly without the need for physical contact, ensuring a hygienic and contemporary user experience. Intuitive LED pictograms provide clear user guidance, facilitating a seamless and sanitary handwashing routine for all patrons.

With its versatility, the SWAR cabinet finds its place in a myriad of commercial settings, including shopping malls, sports facilities, entertainment centers, hotels, airports, and transportation hubs. Its adaptable nature ensures that wherever it is installed, patrons are treated to the epitome of modern restroom luxury and hygiene.

Stern’s Behind-the-Mirror Hand Washing Stations represent a comprehensive and space-saving approach to contemporary commercial washroom design, setting a new standard for excellence in restroom innovation and functionality.

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