All you need to know about touchless faucets

Are you considering upgrading your bathroom to a more modern and hygienic touchless faucet? Look no further than Stern's wide range of touchless faucets that combine design and functionality for the perfect addition to any high-traffic bathroom or facility. Our touchless faucets are not only robust and automatic, but also available in various mounting formats, including deck-mounted, wall-mounted, and behind-mirror, to provide you with the most modern touchless hand-washing area. With a focus on design, functionality, easy installation, and easy maintenance, Stern offers an all-in-one solution for customers worldwide. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of touchless faucets, including the technology behind them, their cost, and what makes them more sanitary. We will also provide you with helpful information to choose the best touchless faucet that fits your needs.
All You Need To Know About Touchless Faucets

Are touchless faucets a worthy solution?

Stern’s variety of touchless faucets combines design and functionality. Unlike traditional touchless faucets found in commercial and public bathrooms all around the world, Stern touchless faucets are robust, touchless, and automatic. Our wide range of touchless faucets includes all types of installations on any type of wall or deck. That means you can get creative, and achieve the most modern touchless bathroom hand-washing area, with matching touchless soap dispensers and hand dryers. Furthermore, our variety enables us to generate an all-in-one solution for customers worldwide. With a focus on design, functionality, easy installation, and easy maintenance. Found the touchless faucet you want? Need a multifeed system or a matching soap dispenser? We’ve got your back with a variety of solutions.

The concealed touchless faucet experience

Combine your behind-mirror touchless faucet with a matching soap dispenser and hand dryer – all concealed in a behind-mirror mode. All three products – faucet, hand dryer, and soap dispenser – are touchless and activated by an IR (Infra Red) sensor. Your toilet is now sleeker and more modern.

What is an automatic touchless faucet?

An automatic touchless faucet uses a rubber-like membrane to control water flow. when the IR sensor detects movement in its detection range, it generates an electronic order to open the membrane and allow the water to flow. Each faucet is programmed to allow water flow for a specific number of seconds, after which it closes the membrane, preventing water waste. In this manner, it’s superior to touch faucets as they can easily be left on by distracted or careless users, resulting in significant water waste.

Are touchless faucets more sanitary?

Commercial touchless faucets are the best solution to help maintain your bathrooms area, kitchens, and any facility by reducing cross-contamination between users. They are touchless & automatic, thus preventing the spread of germs & bacteria during the use of the faucet. Of course, they can’t prevent the transfer of germs or bacteria when touching the bathroom stall door, the bathroom door, the toilet seat, or any other part of the facility. However, you have to start somewhere, and our touchless faucets are a great place to start.

What is the best touchless faucet?

With so many different types of touchless faucets on the market, how do you know which one’s the best? The answer is simple: the best touchless faucet is the one that best suits your needs.

The three main differences are in the mounting formats. Read the next part of this article to understand the differences and find out exactly which type of touchless faucet is the best one for you. See Stern’s Youtube channel for technical information or contact us.

What kind of commercial touchless faucet suits your needs?

When choosing a touchless faucet for your commercial establishment, consider factors such as durability, sensor range, water flow rate, and ease of maintenance. A model with a vandal-resistant design and adjustable settings can also help reduce water waste and maintenance costs.
As we mentioned earlier, there are three types of touch-free automatic electronic faucets:

• Deck-mounted faucets (touchless commercial lavatory faucet)
• Wall-mounted faucets (touchless commercial wall mounted faucet)
• Behind mirror faucets

Touchless Wall Mounted Faucets (44)

Touchless Deck Mounted Faucets (83)

Behind the mirror solutions (12)

The visible types: the deck-mounted or the wall-mounted touchless faucets compel us to consider visibility, as well as functionality. So beyond design for functional purposes, we’ve made sure to invest our attention in the materials and the types of finishes we could provide for these products. You can choose from a variety of finishes, the most popular among them being the chrome-plated body. For better functionality, we’ve added a low-battery indicator to some of our models.
So how do you choose? By deciding which design best fits your commercial bathroom.
See all commercial automatic soap dispensers.

How expensive is a touchless commercial faucet?

You’ve read all about it, and you’re ready to go for it. All that’s left is to discuss prices. Prices vary as much as models and types of touchless faucets do. You can get a basic touch faucet for as little as $60. These are usually cheap tin non-automatic faucets with a short life span. You often see them in old public restrooms with a huge wet mess around them and wasted water everywhere, and you can hear them sputter and annoy your bathroom visitors from a distance. You’ve probably seen these a few times in your life, and you know how it feels to use a bathroom in such a state. The average price for an automatic touch-free faucet with a long life span and low maintenance requirements is around $2,500-3,000. Now you can make a more informed decision.

Control your touchless faucet

You can use a touchless soap dispenser and air dryer to design a complete touch-free hand-washing area for your commercial and your high-traffic bathrooms. Our touchless faucets are intelligent: they can help you manage and control water consumption over time. The automatic functions of the faucet can be adjusted to match your needs.

Match a touchless soap dispenser to the selected touchless faucet

Found the touchless faucet you want? Select a suitable touchless soap dispenser from a matching soap dispensers series or any other solution for touchless bathroom soap dispensing solution. The selected touchless faucet can be paired with a touchless soap dispenser for a complete touch-free handwashing experience.

What is the best commercial faucet?

The best touchless faucet is the one you need according to your specifications. The three main differences are wall-mounted touchless faucets, deck-mounted touchless faucets, and behind-the-mirror touchless faucets. Automatic touchless faucets commercial – the commercial automatic touchless faucets are smart and sensor-based commercial touchless faucets. See Stern’s automatic touchless faucets.

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