Introducing Csaba Plus: Elevating Handwashing to New Heights

We are thrilled to present the latest addition to our lineup of hands-free bathroom faucets and soap dispensers - Csaba Plus. With its sleek and elongated design, Csaba Plus takes handwashing to a whole new level of sophistication. Available in a variety of stunning finishes including PVD Antique Bronze, PVD Copper, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome, Csaba Plus offers a range of style options to complement any bathroom decor. Get ready to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in bathroom fittings and fixtures, all thanks to Csaba Plus.
Introducing Csaba Plus Elevating Handwashing to New Heights

Csaba Plus Duo: A Hygienic and Convenient Solution

Our Csaba Plus duo consists of a touchless deck-mounted faucet and soap dispenser, offering the perfect combination of hygiene and convenience for your washroom needs. The IR sensor activation ensures a hands-free experience, promoting optimal cleanliness and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Say goodbye to traditional faucets and soap dispensers and embrace the future of handwashing with Csaba Plus.

Unleash the Style Potential

Csaba Plus is designed to make a statement. Its taller and loftier stature sets it apart from other countertop washbasin models, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. With its pleasantly curved shape and unassuming demeanor, Csaba Plus effortlessly combines allure and practicality, making it a perfect fit for any bathroom in need of a lift.

A Finish for Every Taste

We understand that personal style is paramount when it comes to designing your dream bathroom. That’s why Csaba Plus is available in a range of exquisite finishes to suit various design preferences.

For those seeking a touch of traditional elegance, the PVD Antique Bronze finish is a perfect choice. Its subtle accents and refined aesthetics add a sense of timeless charm to your space.

If you desire a bolder statement while maintaining a calm and sophisticated look, the PVD Copper finish is ideal. It exudes richness and warmth, making a captivating impression.

For those looking for a contemporary and edgy vibe, Csaba Plus is also available in Matt Black, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome finishes. These options provide versatility, allowing you to create a modern and stylish bathroom environment that reflects your unique taste.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Experience

Elevate your handwashing routine with Csaba Plus and experience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and hygiene. Make a lasting impression with a bathroom that stands out from the crowd. Embrace the future of bathroom fittings and fixtures by incorporating Csaba Plus into your space. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and take your bathroom to new heights with Csaba Plus.

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