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Maropeng – Cradle of Humankind – Public Bathrooms

MAROPENG-CRADLE OF HUMANKIND - Stern Engineering Touchless Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Flush Valves for Urinals and Toilets & Bathroom Accessories

Country: South Africa
City: Sterkfontein


Maropeng – Cradle of Humankind – public bathrooms Solutions

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is an initiative of the Gauteng Provincial Government in South Africa for establishing geospatial tourism destinations.

Products: PPS Kits for Faucets

Programmable Piezo Kits

Electronically operated self closing faucet cap kit . Activated by touching the designated area in the middle of the ring of light located in the faucet cap. Includes a programmable piezo button, solenoid valve with housing, filter and power supply. The easy touch action allows use by young children, elderly and disabled people. Ideal for outdoor and indoor installations in hospitals, hotels, spas, resorts, swimming pools, homes.

Stern Virtual Tour - Creating on the Cutting edge of Touchless Innovation

Touchless faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers can effortlessly improve hygiene, and in addition, they save water, soap and energy. At Stern, everything is developed and produced onsite, from complete products to specific components such as infrared sensors, piezo switches and solenoid valves. In addition to our standard product range, we also manufacture custom-made products on demand. By maintaining core operations onsite, Stern ensures the high quality of its cost-effective products and components.

SWAR - Soap, Water & Air Revolution

Stern’s touchless tap, soap dispenser and high-speed hand dryer or paper dispenser behind a mirror at a lockable cabinet. Behind The Mirror Cabinet – Clean, Hygienic & Germs Free Bathroom Solution One of Stern’s bathroom breakthroughs, the all-inclusive SWAR, Soap, Water and Air Revolution, a complete sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror including a high-speed hand dryer, mixing valve, touch-free faucet, touch-free soap dispenser, and LED pictograms for user guidance, is now available in a variety of sizes and modules.