More Ways to Save Water (Aerators)

Learn how to conserve water with Stern's touch-free sensor faucets and aerators. Our faucets automatically stop after use and meet water-saving criteria for lead credits, while our aerators maintain user comfort with less water and can be easily adjusted to save water and energy. Make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet by implementing these simple yet effective water-saving measures.

All Stern touch-free sensor faucets save water by automatically stopping after use and also meet water-saving criteria for gaining lead credits. In addition, the security time control standard and all Stern products prevent the continuous flow of water and can be adjusted by the remote control for further water conservation.

Another way to save water is by adjusting your faucet’s flow rate with one of our Neo Pearl aerators, which maintain user comfort with less water. Aerators are a key component to faucets mounted at the tip of the spout. They regulate and air rate the water flow. One of the significant benefits of our faucets is the interchangeable air Raiders for water conservation. If you choose an aerator of the water-saving flow rate, you’ll save water, energy, and maintain a steady flow, even if the system pressure changes. You can also save water by decreasing the security time with the remote control. We will follow up with another video explaining this function in more detail later on.

Back to aerators, aerators can be replaced if you’re looking to change the flow rate or the flow style. To save water, you can simply choose the preferred flow by screwing the aerator into place. There are several aerators available for each faucet. In this video, I’ll provide a breakdown of the benefits of each aerator.

The Honeycomb Messara with adjustable stream direction. Generally, the Honeycomb Messara aerator is sent as a standard with our touch-free sensors. The stream is aerated in directional, so the angle can be adjusted according to the basin requirements by simply moving the tilting plate to optimize the stream direction. The Honeycomb SSR is compatible with all of these products.

The Honeycomb Laminate Aerator. It creates a crystal clear, non-splashing water stream. It has extended life features and creates perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions. Unlike conventional wire mesh aerators, the honeycomb structure cannot be crushed, making it damage-proof. It has extremely low noise levels per quiet flow, as well as an integrated anti-clogging dome screen that filters out sediments and particles. The Honeycomb Aerator is compatible with these products.

The PCA spray aerator. It provides a non-splashing, non-aerated spray and is virtually unbreakable. This single-piece aerator ensures a long life, great for commercial restrooms exposed to a high level of walk-in traffic. The dome screen filter sits on top in the faucet and prevents clogging the PCA spray. Aerator provides a constant pressure compensating for a near-constant flow by supplying all outlets evenly with water. The PCA spray Aerator is compatible with these products.

The Cascade Aerator for maximum line resistance. The Cascade Aerator is the perfect choice for an extra quiet stream. With its low noise level, it has perfect stream quality, even under difficult flow conditions, with superior line protection and an extended light, the Cascade AOR is virtually damage-proof. So, unlike conventional wire mesh aerators, the cascade structure cannot be crushed. Its integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters out sediments and particles. The Cascade Aerator is available with these products.

The cash aerator. The cash aerator is a concealed aerator for use with selected products only and requires a key for removal. There are three flow options available to choose from with the cash aerator, laminate spray, and aerated flow. The cash aerator is compatible with these products.

We hope this video has been useful. We invite you to contact the tech team anytime for more information.

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