Automatic touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers for a smart bathroom

Stern Engineering's bathroom solutions and technologies offer modern, hygienic, and water-saving options for commercial and high-traffic washrooms. Their all-in-one and robust touchless and smart solutions are available for customers, designers, architects, and end clients worldwide. Stern's automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers are designed to withstand high-traffic use, transforming public bathrooms into smart, water-saving, and hygienic spaces. Whether you're planning a new bathroom project from scratch or refurbishing an existing one, Stern's automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers are the perfect solution for your next smart bathroom design. Learn more about our products and services today.
Automatic touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers for a smart bathroom

Automatic smart bathroom solutions

The rise of automatic smart bathroom solutions has revolutionized the way people think about hygiene, efficiency, and sustainability in commercial and high traffic washrooms. Stern Engineering is at the forefront of this trend with their state-of-the-art smart bathroom solutions that offer cutting-edge technology and design.

Stern’s automatic smart bathroom solutions are built to meet the needs of customers, designers, architects, and many more end clients around the world. Their all-in-one and robust touchless solutions include automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers that are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand high-traffic use.

By incorporating these automatic smart bathroom solutions into your washroom design, you can expect to see improvements in water savings, hygiene, and user accessibility. Stern’s touchless faucets and soap dispensers are designed to reduce the spread of germs by eliminating the need to touch surfaces that are often breeding grounds for bacteria.

With Stern’s automatic smart bathroom solutions, you can create a modern, hygienic, and water-saving environment in your commercial washroom or high traffic area. Whether you are starting a new bathroom project from scratch or looking to refurbish an existing one, Stern Engineering has a solution that will meet your needs.

Benefits of choosing automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers for your smart bathroom

In today’s world, the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene cannot be overstated. With that in mind, Stern Engineering offers a range of automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers that are not only robust and vandal-resistant but also enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your commercial washroom.

When it comes to choosing faucets and soap dispensers for your business, you may consider only a few benefits. However, with Stern’s smart bathroom solutions, you can enjoy a host of advantages that go beyond just improving hygiene. For instance, the touchless technologies used in these products are designed to withstand high traffic usage and promote ease of use.

With a modern and sleek bathroom, you can create a positive impression of your business and show your customers that you care about their health and wellbeing. Stern’s automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers are versatile and suitable for a wide range of commercial settings, from offices to sports arenas and beyond.

Investing in automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers from Stern Engineering will not only ensure a more hygienic and easy-to-maintain washroom environment but also improve the overall user experience. With a range of durable and innovative smart bathroom solutions, Stern Engineering can help you take your washroom facilities to the next level.

Benefits of automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers in creating smart bathroom solutions

The demand for touchless and smart bathroom solutions has been on the rise, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. People prefer to touch as little as possible in a public restroom, but this can lead to decreased hand washing and increased cross-contamination due to avoiding bathroom handles and buttons. That’s where touchless and automatic faucets and soap dispensers come in. These innovations eliminate these concerns, improving usability and creating a smarter, more hygienic bathroom environment for all. Upgrade your facility with automatic touchless bathroom solutions today.

Smart and sustainable: the benefits of automatic faucets & soap dispensers

Automating your bathroom with touchless and smart technologies not only promotes hygiene, but it also delivers cost savings and sustainable benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper hand-washing requires 20 seconds of rinsing, lathering, and rinsing again, but the manual faucet can be a source of cross-contamination. Unfortunately, many people leave the water running while soaping and drying their hands, which leads to unnecessary water waste. By installing touchless automatic bathroom fixtures, such as automatic faucets and soap dispensers, the water, soap, warm air, or paper toweling is dispensed only as needed, reducing the amount of waste and ultimately saving costs. Smart bathrooms and sustainable business practices go hand in hand, and automatic bathroom fixtures are an important step toward improving both.

The best solution for a smart washroom retrofit – Go touch & germ free!

The need for smart washrooms has never been more pressing, with hygiene concerns at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The benefits of touchless solutions in public washrooms are clear: it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and ensures a cleaner, more hygienic environment for users.

But touchless solutions offer more than just enhanced hygiene. They are also a sustainable option that can significantly reduce a business’s operating costs. By only dispensing what is needed, touchless automatic fixtures save on resources, such as water and soap, and reduce the amount of waste generated. Additionally, automatic products typically require less maintenance because eliminating the need to touch the product reduces the potential for abuse.

While retrofitting your washroom may involve some costs, the investment in touchless technology can offer significant long-term benefits, such as lower operating costs, increased hygiene, and improved user satisfaction. Retrofitting your bathroom is also a relatively inexpensive and easy way to ramp up your green points in line with environmental concerns, making it a great choice for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability efforts while providing a modern and hygienic bathroom experience for their customers.

Automatic touchless faucets

As hygiene concerns continue to increase in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, touchless bathroom fixtures have become an essential element for modern washrooms. Deck mounted automatic faucets are a popular choice among businesses and homeowners, as they offer many benefits, including germ prevention, water conservation, and increased accessibility for users.

One of the main advantages of deck mounted automatic faucets is their affordability, which has improved significantly in recent years. In addition, these fixtures are more robust and require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts, making them an attractive option for busy washrooms.

With touchless faucets, users can easily control the water flow without ever having to touch the fixture, thus reducing the transmission of germs and bacteria. This not only enhances hygiene, but also provides a safer and more convenient experience for users.

Moreover, automatic deck mounted faucets are designed to conserve water and reduce waste. By delivering just the right amount of water necessary, they prevent overuse and waste of resources, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Overall, if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom to a modern and hygienic space, consider the advantages of automatic deck mounted faucets. They offer cost-effective, user-friendly, and sustainable solutions that can enhance your bathroom experience.

Whether you’re outfitting a new bathroom or updating an existing one, choosing the right faucet is crucial for both style and functionality. Automatic faucets are a popular choice for many facilities, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stern’s automatic faucets are available in both deck mounted and wall mounted options, with touch and no-touch varieties, and they combine an elegant design with vandal-resistant features.

Installing an automatic faucet is a great way to enhance the functionality and accessibility of your bathroom. These faucets help maintain cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch handles or knobs. Additionally, automatic faucets save water by regulating the flow and preventing waste.

Stern’s automatic faucets are not only user-friendly but also durable enough to withstand the toughest environments. They are ideal for a wide range of facilities, including schools, offices, hotels, and restaurants. The faucets are easy to install, and once installed, they require minimal maintenance to keep them in top condition. Choose Stern’s automatic faucets for a high-quality solution for your wall-mounted faucet needs.

Automatic soap dispensers for smart bathrooms

The use of automatic soap dispensers has become increasingly popular in recent times due to their effectiveness and ability to prevent the spread of germs, especially in commercial washrooms. At Stern, we offer high-quality automatic soap dispensers that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear associated with high-traffic public bathrooms.

Our touchless soap dispensers are designed to ensure that soap or foam is dispensed without the need for physical contact, providing a complete touchless experience that helps to protect users against cross-contamination. Additionally, our dispensers have been proven to significantly reduce soap or foam consumption, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

One of the key advantages of our automatic soap dispensers is the ability to minimize drips, preventing soap or foam from spilling onto floors and counters. This results in cleaner, more hygienic washrooms and easier cleaning and maintenance for bathroom staff.

By using Stern’s automatic soap dispensers, businesses can promote better washroom hygiene and create a more sustainable, cost-effective solution for their commercial washrooms.

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