Complete Touch Free Bathroom Experience

Complete Touch Free Bathroom Experience - Stern Engineering Touchless Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Flush Valves for Urinals and Toilets & Bathroom Accessories

Sensing technologies for hands-free activation improve the overall hygiene and cleanliness in the restroom, boost user accessibility in compliance with ADA, and greatly contribute to water and energy conservation. Today, the complete touch free bathrooms experience is more important than ever. 

Hands Free Bathrooms

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people preferred to touch as little as possible while in a restroom. But as restroom users avoid touching washroom handles, levers, and buttons, this ironically leads to fewer users washing their hands properly, and a higher rate of cross contamination. Having a hands-free environment eliminates those concerns, increases usability, and upgrades the washroom experience for all involved.

Cost Saving & Sustainable

The touch-free washroom experience is also a big win for sustainability efforts and cost savings.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States recommends rinsing, lathering for 20 seconds, rinsing again, and eventually using a paper towel to turn off the manual faucet. While soaping and drying your hands, however, many people leave the water running. Installing sensor-activated bathroom fixtures, which turn on and off automatically, ensures the equipment only dispenses as much water, soap, warm air, or paper toweling as needed to cut down on waste.

Touchless Retrofits

Sustainability initiatives and hygiene considerations are frequent motivators for touchless retrofits.
In addition, touch-free products typically require less maintenance because eliminating the need to touch the product reduces the potential for abuse. Contact your sales agent now to start your journey towards a touch-free bathroom experience.

The Complete Touch Free Bathroom Experience products

Touchless Deck Mounted Faucets (72)

Automatic Soap Dispensers (61)

Touchless Wall Mounted Faucets (43)

Flush Valves (29)

Showers (22)

Behind The Mirror Solutions (9)

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