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Less Is More – Stern’s Recessed Wall-Mounted Duo, the Best in Stealth

Less Is More

Wall Mounted Duo – Minimalist Water and Soap Sets

Minimalism is becoming all the rage, and for good reason. Gone are the days where “more” and “bigger” were equivalent to better. More people are starting to realize that sometimes less really is more, and when you consider the speed with which minimalism is catching on, the proof is in the pudding. Minimalist styles make for a cleaner look while also affording you more freedom for introducing and combining additional styles into your washroom repertoire.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Benefits

Intentional minimalism is less concerned with getting rid of things, and rather a focus on the objects that we truly desire. When we properly invest thought, energy, and time into each object we choose, minimalism drives our awareness to mindfully select what we surround ourselves with. This practice ultimately impacts our mental state as well, helping us prioritize things that really matter, and delegating less time, energy, and money to things that don’t.

Minimalist washroom experience – Single, Duo, Triple or Complete Touch Free Solution! 

Stern’s Recessed Wall-mounted Module is the perfect solution for a minimalist washroom experience. Completely concealed behind a mirror or panel, only the faucet and soap duo protrude from the wall, leaving the rest of the space available to be styled as desired.

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