Commercial and Hospitality Spaces solutions from Stern – Innovative Mirror Units and Cabinet Wash Stations

Looking to enhance the hygiene, aesthetics, and overall user experience in your commercial and hospitality spaces? Stern Engineering introduces its cutting-edge Executive Look Solutions featuring mirror units and mirror cabinet wash stations.
Elevate Your Commercial and Hospitality Spaces with Stern’s Innovative Mirror Units and Cabinet Wash Stations (1)

The Future of Bathroom Technology

Discover Stern’s Executive Look solution, a revolutionary blend of style and function designed to elevate commercial and hospitality environments. Our mirror units and cabinet wash stations are engineered with advanced technology to provide exceptional functionality and aesthetics.
Go touchless with behind the mirror cabinets.

Hygiene and Aesthetics Redefined

Our mirror units are not just mirrors; they’re a germ-free automated environment. These innovative units conceal essential hand-washing components behind a lockable mirror, completely transforming the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. With a touch-free faucet, soap dispenser, high-speed hand dryer, and LED pictograms for user guidance, Stern’s mirror units offer a sleek and hygienic bathroom experience.
Dive into the mechanisms behind Stern’s cutting-edge SOAP WATER AIR MODULE, a modular touch-free system that includes an infrared-operated faucet, thermostatic mixing valve, soap dispenser, and hand dryer. With 35 years of expertise in shaping the bathroom experience, Stern Engineering is the leader in touchless sanitary products. Experience the future of bathroom technology with Stern’s SWAR – Soap, Water, and Air Revolution.

Mirror Cabinet Wash Stations for Commercial Washrooms

Our state-of-the-art mirror cabinet wash stations are designed specifically for commercial washrooms. These cutting-edge solutions not only enhance surface hygiene but also minimize the risk of cross-contamination. They ensure easy installation and guarantee effortless operation. Bid farewell to frequent maintenance and failures, as our mirror cabinet wash stations require minimal upkeep and offer a consistently high level of performance.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Stern’s mirror units and cabinet wash stations are designed to accommodate highly specific design features, providing you with a customized restroom solution that meets and exceeds your requirements. Trust Stern to stay on the cutting edge of innovation, offering the best in touchless technology for commercial and public bathrooms.

Experience the Difference

Enhance your washroom experience with our Access Solutions for Touchless WC Cubicles. Browse our mirror cabinet wash station catalog and discover the benefits of touchless operation – intuitive, simple, and safe. Download our catalog now to explore the possibilities.

In Summary: Stern's Executive Look Solution

Stern’s mirror cabinet wash stations designed for commercial washrooms enhance surface hygiene, minimize cross-contamination risks, and ensure easy installation. These stations provide intuitive, user-friendly operation, require minimal maintenance, and offer consistent high performance. The patented Touchless WC Cubicles with occupancy indicators are made of HPL for both durability and aesthetic appeal. Stern’s Access Solutions offer touchless operation that is intuitive, simple, and safe. Explore the catalog to discover the possibilities for enhancing the washroom experience in commercial and hospitality spaces.
Welcome to the future of commercial and public bathroom experiences. Stern, the renowned manufacturer of touchless sanitary ware, introduces a revolutionary behind-the-mirror bathroom solution that encompasses a touch-free soap dispenser, faucet, and high-speed hand dryer. This all-in-one system is discreetly hidden behind a mirror, providing a sleek and hygienic restroom experience.

SWAR - The Complete Sanitary Cabinet

At the heart of Stern’s innovation lies the SWAR – Soap, Water & Air Revolution. This comprehensive sanitary cabinet features a lockable mirror, a touch-free faucet, a soap dispenser, a high-speed hand dryer, a mixing valve, and LED pictograms for user guidance. The SWAR is the epitome of modern restroom technology, offering a seamless and hygienic experience. What sets Stern apart is the in-house manufacturing of all touchless modules, ensuring cutting-edge quality and reliability. Stern’s commitment to innovation is unwavering, as they continuously enhance their offerings to meet your specific demands.

Reshaping Commercial Bathrooms

Stern has taken the lead in reshaping the bathroom experience for millions worldwide with their touchless sanitary ware. The all-inclusive SWAR system and behind-the-mirror touchless solutions are designed to accommodate highly specific design features, providing you with a customized restroom solution that meets and exceeds your requirements. Trust Stern to stay on the cutting edge of innovation, offering the best in touchless technology for commercial and public bathrooms. For the best in mirror units and mirror cabinet wash stations, experience Stern’s innovative solutions designed to redefine your commercial and hospitality spaces.

Embark on a journey of superior restroom hygiene with Stern Engineering’s discreet touchless solutions nestled behind the mirror. Explore how our innovative Behind-the-Mirror Soap Dispensers revolutionize cleanliness standards while seamlessly merging functionality and elegance for an unmatched handwashing experience.

Leading the Hygiene Revolution: Stern Engineering’s Hidden Touchless Solutions
Discover the forefront of restroom hygiene innovation with Stern Engineering’s Behind-the-Mirror Soap Dispensers, designed to transcend traditional cleanliness norms. Strategically concealed behind the mirror, these dispensers not only enhance hygiene but also exude sophistication, turning routine handwashing into a luxurious affair. Bid farewell to cluttered countertops and welcome a new era of refined hygiene.

Cutting-Edge Touchless Technology for Optimal Cleanliness
Powered by advanced infrared sensors, our Behind-the-Mirror Soap Dispensers offer touchless operation, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Each dispense delivers precisely measured soap or foam, ensuring impeccable hand hygiene with minimal effort. Intuitively crafted LED indicators guide users seamlessly through the process, enhancing convenience and promoting superior cleanliness.

Adaptable Solutions for Diverse Environments
From bustling shopping complexes and upscale hotels to busy airports and corporate offices, Stern Engineering’s Behind-the-Mirror Soap Dispensers offer versatile solutions for every commercial restroom setting. Their discreet integration maximizes space efficiency while elevating the overall aesthetic, making them the preferred choice for environments where cleanliness and sophistication are paramount.

Elevate Your Restroom Standards with Stern Engineering
Embrace a new standard of restroom hygiene with Stern Engineering’s Behind-the-Mirror Soap Dispensers. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge touchless technology behind the mirror, we redefine cleanliness and elegance in commercial bathrooms. Trust Stern to elevate your restroom standards, setting unprecedented benchmarks for hygiene and sophistication.

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