Preventing the spread of bacteria and germs with a touchless bathroom

In today's world, maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace has become more important than ever before. With the global pandemic outbreak, the demand for germ-free commercial bathrooms and washrooms has increased drastically. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, especially in high-traffic areas such as the bathroom. In this blog post, we'll discuss some simple and cost-effective steps you can take to keep your commercial bathroom clean and hygienic, including the use of touchless technology such as automatic soap dispensers and flushing valves. Let's explore how going touchless can transform your bathroom into a clean, safe, and germ-free environment for your employees and visitors.
Preventing the spread of bacteria and germs with a touchless bathroom

Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness in the Workplace

Business owners worldwide are looking for ways to improve conditions inside the company or organization, in order to transform the workplace into the safest and most hygienic area. With the recent global covid-19 outbreak, the demand for a germ free and hygienic washroom and bathrooms areas has risen even more than ever.
The health and safety has become an issue for employees and employers alike, while the demand from employers has risen even more, as a demand for a professional and safe workplace.

Preventing the spread of bacteria and germs with a touchless bathroom

When it comes to preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, maintaining commercial bathrooms hygienic and clean is at the top of the list for business owners. Since your employees can be at risk, it’s your duty to do make the most in order to keep the health and safety in bathroom and washroom areas.

What can be done in order to maintain the hygiene in a commercial bathroom?

The common areas in workplaces will always be the most germ full areas, where the germs can be transferred easily from one person to another. The commercial bathroom area, is the one area, that should get an extra attention. Any measures that can be taken from your side, as a business owner, should be taken, in order to transform the bathroom area into a clean, touchless and germ free area.

The basics for a hygiene in a commercial bathroom

The commercial bathroom or washroom is the most likely area for germs to grow and spread. Any test that has been done involving the bathroom area or bathroom surfaces alone has shown the fast spread of bacteria and germs throughout the whole bathroom area and the offices or work area including.

For company owners to make sure they are keeping their employees safe, there are several steps that can be taken in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. There are two basic facts to know and remember:

– Everyone is at risk!
– The actions you can take are easy, simple and cost effective.

Yes, keeping a safe, germ free and hygienic workplace should be easy, and can also rely on the employees practice and responsibility. However, there are some very simple and basic ways, in which you can cut down drastically the risk of cross contamination or infection.

Before you go touchless, the Signs – keep clean

A small reminder, that might sometimes seem a little insulting –“Please wash your hands”, will make employees and visitors think for an additional second before they get back to their desk, or meeting. A “Wash your hands” sign, can reduce the potential for carrying germs or spreading them around the surfaces and bathroom area.

Having a touchless flushing valve for toilets and urinals, or an automatic soap dispenser are also measures each business owner can take, if they are willing to make a one time investment for a long term and long lasting germ free bathroom environment.

Toilet paper and plenty of soap

Keep it simple! hygienic wipes, hand sanitizers stands or high tech equipment is not always the solutions or way for a germ free environment. Sometimes it’s all about the basics. Never running out of paper and soap may sound like a basic aspect, but commercial & high traffic bathrooms can lack in one of those, because of the simple fact that not always there is someone responsible for that part of the offices. That is why the multifeed soap dispensing solutions and automatic soap dispensers can be the best solution. The solutions today are much more cost effective today then in the past and can be easily implemented in any location. 

Switching to touchless solutions can be a game-changer for maintaining a germ-free workplace. Here are some essential touchless tools to consider:

  • Touchless Flushing Valves: Install touchless flushing valves for toilets and urinals to eliminate physical contact with germ-prone surfaces.
  • Automatic Soap Dispensers: Automatic soap dispensers provide the right amount of soap without the need for physical touch, promoting effective handwashing.
  • Multifeed Soap Dispensing Solutions: Ensure you never run out of soap or paper by implementing multifeed soap dispensing solutions. These systems are cost-effective and perfect for high-traffic areas, where maintaining a steady supply of soap and paper is essential.

Incorporating these touchless technologies can make a significant difference in your workplace’s hygiene. Stern offers a range of innovative and cost-effective touchless solutions that fit any budget and work seamlessly in commercial environments. Discover how easy it is to create a safe, germ-free, and hygienic workspace with Stern’s touchless standard today.

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