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Commercial Bathrooms Retrofit – Csaba 2-in-1 does the trick

Commercial Bathrooms Retrofit - Csaba 2-in-1 does the trick

Commercial Bathrooms Retrofit

Commercial bathrooms are subject to much wear and tear. Time takes its toll on the pipes, tiles, and of course on the bathroom fixtures themselves. There are many reasons for a bathroom remodel, including being outdated, issues of mold or mildew, or just because fixtures need a face-lift. For commercial bathrooms in particular, however, there’s a higher calling at play: Sustainability.

Green Building Retrofits

Many of the 5.9 million commercial buildings in the US are still highly inefficient and represent a prime opportunity for green building retrofits. Though the green building market has grown rapidly, with nearly 40 percent of commercial office space across 30 office markets in the US certified as “green” or “efficient” by LEED of Energy Star certification, the majority continues to lag. Though there are some costs associated with retrofits and renovations, new advancements in restroom technology greatly help offset expenses. And retrofitting your commercial restrooms is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to ramp up your green points in line with environmental concerns.

Csaba 2-In-1 Soap And Water Duo

Stern’s washroom fixtures are ideally suited for retrofit projects. Our Csaba 2-in-1 soap and water duo is the ultimate retrofit option as it only requires a single hole in the deck, two for one, and less mess in the process.

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