Revolutionize your commercial washroom with behind the mirror touchless solutions by Stern

In today's fast-paced world, businesses and public spaces need to stay on top of emerging trends to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for their customers and visitors. One of the most effective measures is promoting good hygiene practices, especially in areas such as bathrooms. That's where Stern comes in with our innovative "Behind the mirror touchless solutions". Our touchless solutions offer a new standard of hygiene and design, transforming the handwashing experience in commercial and public washrooms. With our range of cutting-edge technologies, including the SWAR TV, SWAR Behind Mirror Soap, Water & Air, and SAP Module Behind Mirror Soap, Air & Paper Dispenser and more…
Revolutionize Your Commercial Washroom with Behind the Mirror Touchless Solutions by Stern - behind the mirror faucet, behind the mirror soap dispenser, behind the mirror hand dryer

Behind the mirror touchless solutions by Stern

Stern is revolutionizing the washroom experience for users and building owners alike. Our products are designed to improve hygiene and reduce waste, saving water and soap, and promoting sustainable building practices, all while providing a sleek and modern aesthetic to your commercial bathroom.

Design aesthetics and handwashing experience

Stern’s Behind the Mirror Touchless Solutions are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your commercial washroom. With our sleek and modern design, our touchless dispensers are hidden behind the mirror, leaving a clean and elegant look that is sure to impress your clients and customers. Our touchless dispensers are designed to provide a superior handwashing experience. With our touch-free faucets, soap dispensers, and high-speed hand dryers, users can enjoy a completely hands-free experience, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting hygiene.

Sustainability and green building

At Stern, we understand the importance of sustainability and green building. Our Behind the Mirror Touchless Solutions are designed to reduce water and soap consumption, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for any commercial washroom. Our touch-free faucets and soap dispensers drastically reduce water and soap usage, helping to promote sustainability and reduce your environmental impact. By using Stern’s touchless dispensers, you can contribute to a greener future while saving money on utility bills.

All-In-One solution for handwashing

Stern’s Behind the Mirror Touchless Solutions provide an all-in-one solution for handwashing in commercial washrooms. From touchless faucets that activate water flow with a simple gesture to automatic soap dispensers that provide the perfect amount of soap without any contact, our products ensure a convenient and hygienic handwashing experience.

Design and function flexibility for any bathroom

Whether you’re outfitting a high-traffic airport restroom or an upscale restaurant, Stern’s Behind the Mirror Touchless Solutions offer design and function flexibility to suit any bathroom environment. Our range includes a variety of touchless products, from deck-mounted faucets to hand sanitizer stands, foam soap dispensers, and more. With customizable options and sleek designs, our solutions seamlessly blend with your existing décor while elevating the overall hygiene and user experience.

When it comes to commercial bathroom solutions, Stern is your one-stop-shop. With our touchless and sanitary products, you can create a germ-free, touch-free environment for your customers and employees. Explore our range of products today and take the next step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future in your washroom.

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