Stern Engineering: Revolutionizing commercial and public restrooms with touchless solutions for airports

Airports are high-traffic environments that demand clean and comfortable facilities, including restrooms. Stern Engineering, a leading provider of innovative commercial bathroom solutions, has partnered with several airports worldwide to offer travelers a luxurious and seamless restroom experience. Stern's touchless designs, featuring sleek finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, and matte black, are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Moreover, their infrared sensors and behind-the-mirror spout designs offer an efficient experience and minimize water waste, contributing to LEED credits for water efficiency and recycled content.
Stern Engineering Revolutionizing Commercial and Public Restrooms with Touchless Solutions for Airports

Revolutionizing Commercial and Public Restrooms

Stern Engineering's partnership with airports for innovative restroom solutions

Airports are dynamic spaces that require reliable and high-quality facilities to meet the needs of travelers. Stern Engineering understands the importance of providing safe, comfortable, and hygienic restrooms to promote a positive airport experience. By partnering with airports worldwide, Stern offers touchless solutions that minimize contact and reduce the spread of germs while maintaining a luxurious and cohesive design.
Stern’s commercial bathroom designs combine elegance and functionality to provide a premium restroom experience. With modern building designs and social media trends emphasizing the need for aesthetic appeal, Stern’s touchless products feature eye-catching finishes that complete the simplistic yet elegant look of all its products. Moreover, their matching touchless soap dispensers unify the sink features, providing a seamless and hygienic experience for travelers.

Stern's mission to provide high-quality and sustainable products

Stern’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its certification by IAPMO for compliance with UPC and NSF and its contribution towards LEED credits for water efficiency and recycled content. This commitment ensures that their touchless products are not only reliable but also eco-friendly, promoting a sustainable environment.

Flexibility and ease-of-use for travelers with infrared sensors in Tubular Trio and SWAR series

Stern’s touchless products offer a flexible and efficient experience for travelers. Their infrared sensors, positioned within the spout, provide a hassle-free experience while avoiding chaotic hand waves to begin the flow of water. The Tubular Trio and SWAR series‘ long spouts and discreet behind-the-mirror designs minimize water waste, keeping countertops and floors clean, dry, and safe. Wall-mounted installations accommodate high-traffic environments, and their universal remote allows for quick turnaround time on almost all fixes to avoid out-of-order units.

Stern's commitment to providing safe, reliable, and hygienic airport facilities

Stern Engineering is transforming the airport restroom experience by providing touchless solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Their aesthetically pleasing designs and commitment to eco-friendly practices make them a leading provider of commercial bathroom solutions worldwide. By incorporating their touchless products, airports can offer travelers a safe, luxurious, and seamless restroom experience that enhances their overall journey.

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