Stern’s Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser – Effortlessly refill with non-proprietary soap.

Welcome to the future of commercial restroom hygiene with Stern's Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser. Designed specifically for high-traffic environments, this dispenser redefines user-friendliness in its category. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we proudly introduce the non-detachable version, enhancing convenience and elevating hygiene standards. Join us in exploring the innovative features that set the Lotus Top-Fill Soap Dispenser apart.

Effortless Hygiene with Stern's Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser

In the fast-paced world of commercial restrooms, Stern presents a revolutionary solution – the Lotus Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser. Tailored for high-traffic spaces, this dispenser not only sets new benchmarks for user-friendliness but introduces an unparalleled non-detachable version, adding a layer of convenience like never before.

Key Features and Advantages:

  1. Automatic Operation: The dispenser boasts automatic functionality, ensuring a touch-free and hygienic experience for users.
  2. Soap Level Indicator: No more guesswork. The incorporated soap level indicator keeps you informed, reducing maintenance checks and ensuring a constant supply.
  3. Generous 2-Liter Tank: With a substantial 2-liter tank capacity (0.53 US Gallons), the dispenser minimizes refill frequency, offering a continuous and efficient solution.
  4. Non-Proprietary Soap: Stern takes a bold step forward, allowing the use of non-proprietary soap, promoting significant cost-in-use savings.
  5. Premium Brass Construction: Crafted with a 100% brass body and cap, the dispenser combines durability with aesthetic appeal.
  6. Matching Touchless Faucet: Complement your restroom’s aesthetics with a matching touchless faucet, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look.
  7. Adjustable Dosage: Tailor the soap dosage to your preferences with adjustable settings, providing a personalized and efficient handwashing experience.
  8. Peristaltic Pump Technology: Say goodbye to backflow and clogging issues. The peristaltic pump ensures a smooth and uninterrupted soap flow.
Stern's Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser – Effortlessly refill with non-proprietary soap

The Lotus Top-Fill Automatic Soap Dispenser, specifically the Lotus “Topfill” E model, is a touch-free deck-mounted marvel. 

The soap dispenser cap releases effortlessly, allowing for a seamless refill operation with a 2-liter tank that supports non-proprietary soap within the recommended viscosity range. 

Crafted with a 100% brass body and available in Chrome Plated, PVD Brushed Nickel, and Matt Black finishes, this dispenser is as visually appealing as it is functional.

Technical Information:

  • Model: Lotus Topfill Automatic Soap Dispenser E – 230850
  • Application: Touch-free electronic soap dispenser operated by an infrared sensor.
  • Activation: Automatic activation when users place their hands within sensor range, providing a measured amount of soap (adjustable by remote control).
  • LED Indicator: A flashing green LED light indicates a full soap tank; red signals an empty tank.
  • Ideal Usage Areas: Ideal for stadiums, train and bus stations, and highway rest stops.

How to Use:
Simply bring your hands within the sensor range to activate the touchless soap dispenser, and it will automatically stop when your hands are removed.

Elevate your hygiene standards with Stern’s Lotus Top-Fill & Touchless Soap Dispenser. Embrace the future of touch-free hand hygiene, where innovation meets convenience.

Are you searching for a hygienic solution to elevate your bathroom’s hand-washing area? Look no further than an automatic soap dispenser. Unlike traditional dispensers that require physical contact and can be prone to wear and tear, automatic soap dispensers offer durability and enhanced hygiene. At Stern, we boast a diverse range of automatic soap dispensers and foam dispensers that seamlessly blend design and functionality.

Our dispensers come in various installation types, ensuring effortless integration for a modern touchless aesthetic in any bathroom setting. What’s more, we provide matching touchless faucets and hand dryers to complete the cohesive look. Engineered with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, our products guarantee a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Whether you require a multifeed system or a coordinated faucet, Stern offers a plethora of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust Stern Engineering for a dependable and stylish automatic soap dispenser solution that enhances both the hygiene and aesthetics of your bathroom space.

Learn all you need to know about touchless automatic soap dispensers.

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