The Future of Hygiene at Commercial Toilets: Stern’s Touchless Cubicles Meet SWAR Cabinets

Explore the future of touchless toilets with Stern's floor-to-ceiling 40 mm HPL cubicles featuring occupancy indicators and intuitive operation, perfectly paired with SWAR's customizable touchless sanitary cabinets. From touchless faucets to high-speed hand dryers, create a customized restroom experience. Witness the fusion of hygiene and convenience at its finest!

Discover the ultimate solution for touchless toilets as Stern’s floor-to-ceiling 40 mm HPL cubicles with occupancy indicators and patented intuitive operation meet SWAR’s customizable touchless sanitary cabinets.
Choose from touchless faucets, soap dispensers, high-speed hand dryers, or paper dispensers, and even customize LED pictogram colors and a mirror monitor for informative displays.
Experience the future of hygiene and convenience in restroom technology!

Enhancing Commercial & Hospitality Spaces with Stern's Innovative Mirror Units and Cabinet Wash Stations

In the modern world, where hygiene, aesthetics, and user satisfaction are paramount, Stern Engineering’s innovative solutions have taken the lead in elevating commercial and hospitality spaces. From cutting-edge Mirror Units to revolutionary Cabinet Wash Stations, Stern is at the forefront of reshaping the bathroom experience for millions worldwide.

Elevate with Stern's Executive Look Solutions

Stern’s Executive Look Solutions are a game-changer for commercial and hospitality environments. The Mirror Units and Cabinet Wash Stations are designed to elevate the standards of these spaces, providing an exceptional blend of form and function. This ensures that your guests and customers have access to a state-of-the-art, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom experience.

Enhancing Hygiene and Aesthetics

The innovative designs behind Stern’s solutions are engineered to improve hygiene and aesthetics simultaneously. When it comes to public and commercial restrooms, aesthetics play a pivotal role in ensuring user satisfaction. Stern’s products harmoniously integrate advanced technology with visual appeal, creating an environment that is both sanitary and visually pleasing.

The Germ-Free Automated Environment

A highlight of Stern’s offerings is the Germ-Free Automated Environment provided by their Mirror Units. These units, concealed behind lockable mirrors, transform any bathroom into a sleek and hygienic space. Features like touch-free faucets, soap dispensers, high-speed hand dryers, and LED pictograms for user guidance ensure an enhanced bathroom experience while maintaining cleanliness.
Stern’s Behind-the-Mirror (BTM) system represents a new concept in commercial bathrooms. Everything from touchless faucets to high-speed hand dryers is discreetly hidden behind mirrors, offering unmatched convenience and hygiene. These all-in-one systems cater to various commercial and public restroom needs, setting new standards in terms of ease and cleanliness.
At the heart of Stern’s innovation lies the SWAR – Soap, Water & Air Revolution. This comprehensive sanitary cabinet combines a lockable mirror with touch-free components such as a faucet, soap dispenser, hand dryer, mixing valve, and user guidance LED pictograms. Stern’s commitment to manufacturing in-house ensures the highest quality and continuous innovation.

Reshaping Commercial Bathrooms

Stern Engineering is dedicated to reshaping commercial bathrooms, delivering touchless sanitary ware solutions that cater to highly specific design features. Their innovative approach allows for customization, providing a restroom solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of their customers. Stern is at the forefront of innovation, offering the best in touchless technology for commercial and public bathrooms.

Enhance restroom experience with touchless WC cubicles and occupancy indicators

In today’s fast-paced world, hygiene and convenience have become paramount concerns in public spaces. Restrooms, being a high-traffic area, require innovative solutions to ensure cleanliness, privacy, and ease of use. Enter touchless WC cubicles with occupancy indicators – a revolutionary approach to restroom design and functionality. Explore the benefits and features of these cutting-edge cubicles offered by Stern!
Stern’s cubicles are a unique fully integrated access system operated through proximity sensors. Stern’s patent applies to the only access system that seamlessly works with both proximity sensors or manual operation as preferred! Stern’s executive look cubicles offer a smooth, clean appearance with ceiling-to-floor installation for maximum privacy.

Product Features and Manual Operation

Constructible in a single piece up to a height of 3,000 mm
Completely flush fronts with no protruding edges or profiles.
High-quality concealed hinges (not visible when the door is closed) available in black or anodized satin aluminum
Intuitive LED sensor for occupancy indication is integrated into the lock system.
Aluminum profiles supplied in anodized satin or black.

Touchless Operation and Manual Operation in Case of Power Failure

The energy-saving LED sensor on the outside of the cubicle shows a green light. Intuitively, the user’s hand is simply presented in front of an LED to open the door and enter the stall.
The external LED switches from green to red when the stall door is locked presenting the hand to the sensor from the inside.
The door will not open from the outside while the LED is red. To unlock and open the door, the user needs to present their hand to the sensor inside the stall.

In Case of an Emergency

Locked cubicle doors can be manually opened from outside using a special key or a coin if the emergency coin release accessory is installed.

Concealed Power Source

All wiring is done during the manufacturing process.
No additional wiring is required during the installation process.

Touchless WC Cubicles with Occupancy Indicator Dimensions & Colors

Lock mechanism: Chrome-plated brass. Other finishes available upon request.
Profiles: Satin Anodized or Black Aluminum.
Concealed hinges: Satin Anodized or Black Aluminum.

The Future of Hygiene at Commercial Toilets Stern's Touchless Cubicles Meet SWAR Cabinets
In a world where hygiene, aesthetics, and user satisfaction are paramount, Stern Engineering stands at the forefront of redefining the restroom experience for commercial and hospitality spaces. Their innovative Mirror Units and Cabinet Wash Stations seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering an exceptional blend of form and function. As a leader in touchless sanitary solutions, Stern’s SWAR Cabinets represent the future of restroom technology, ensuring a hygienic and convenient experience. Moreover, their touchless WC cubicles with occupancy indicators introduce a revolutionary approach to restroom design, combining privacy and ease of use with a touchless experience. Stern Engineering’s commitment to innovation continues to reshape the bathroom landscape, ensuring that customers and guests experience the best in terms of cleanliness, aesthetics, and convenience. Elevate your commercial and hospitality spaces with Stern’s transformative solutions.
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