Touchless faucets and matching automatic soap dispensers

Introducing the touchless faucets and matching automatic soap dispensers by Stern! Looking for a sleek and modern touchless bathroom design? Stern's high-quality, touch-free soap dispensers and faucets are perfect for commercial or public washrooms. With vandal-resistant features and easy installation, these products are smart, effective, and durable enough to withstand high-traffic use. Discover our exciting assortment of trendy and stylish soap dispensers and faucets that eliminate cross-contamination concerns and conserve water. Learn how you can upgrade your bathroom experience for users and customers alike with our touchless and trendy bathroom solutions!
Trendy Touchless Faucets And Trendy Automatic Soap Dispensers For Bathrooms

Trendy faucets and matching trendy automatic soap dispensers

Stern’s high-quality touch-free soap dispensers are smart, effective and durable enough to handle the level of wear common in any commercial washroom for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way to kill germs. Explore our exciting assortment below to find your unique style. You will find the touchless faucets and matching automatic soap dispensers you are looking for!

Trendy touchless faucets and trendy automatic soap dispensers for commercial Bathroom

Looking for a solution for a commercial or public bathroom?
Stern touchless faucets & automatic soap dispensers are designed and manufactured to withstand high-traffic use. Our Trendy soap dispensers have been transforming high traffic public and commercial bathrooms worldwide. If you are looking for a solution for your next bathroom design, washroom project or for a bathroom refurbishment – a touchless faucet or a trendy soap dispenser – look no more! Check out our most robust, vandal resistant faucets and trendy soap dispensers.

Trendy touchless faucets and trendy soap dispensers for a commercial bathroom

When choosing a touchless trendy faucet or an automatic trendy soap dispenser you may think of one or two benefits you can gain, but there is much more to it. Enhance ease of use using the most innovative touchless technologies with high traffic bathroom usage in mind. Clean, modern and appealing bathrooms are important for you and consumers alike. 

A touchless and classy bathrooms not only shows that you care about the cleanliness of your facility, your visitors and customers also associate this with good quality and service. Touchless trendy faucets and automatic trendy soap dispensers help in hospitals, food service industries, and schools where sanitation matters the most.

Touchless trendy faucets & automatic trendy soap dispensers - commercial bathroom solutions

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people prefer to touch as little as possible while in a bathroom. But as bathroom users avoid touching washroom handles, levers, and buttons, this ironically leads to fewer users washing their hands properly, and a higher rate of cross contamination. Having a touchless environment eliminates those concerns, increases usability, and upgrades the bathroom experience for all involved.

Touchless trendy faucets - washroom taps

Turning on the water without touching the faucet itself offers many benefits including prevention of germ transmission, conserving water and increasing user accessibility. However, did you know that today, touchless faucets are more affordable, more robust & much easier to maintain?

Combining an elegant design with vandal-resistant features. Easy installation. Long lasting even in the harshest installation sites. Helps washrooms stay clean and saves water. Prevents cross contamination. Ideal for offices, hotels and restaurants. The touchless faucet is automatically activated when users place their hands in the sensor range and stops when the users remove their hands.

What is the best soap dispenser to match with a touchless faucet?

If you are looking to shop for a soap dispenser for a commercial or public bathroom project, the best commercial soap dispenser is the one you need according to your specifications. All Stern soap dispensers are smart and sensor based dispensers, created for the most demanding and high traffic locations around the world. Each soap dispenser has its unique features, a wide range of colors and finishes, with sustainability in mind. 

Here are some of Sterns most reviewed automatic soap dispensers: 

Stern’s Trendy series of high-quality touch-free soap dispensers. Smart, effective and durable soap dispensers to handle the level of wear common in any commercial washroom for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way for a germ free environment.

Stern’s Smart commercial soap dispensers series of high-quality touchless soap dispensers. The smart soap dispensers are electronic, sensor-activated, touch-free automatic soap dispensers including tall version for  countertop washbasins  and a smart commercial Soap Dispenser model with soap level indicator. 

The elite commercial soap dispensers series is one of the most installed soap dispenser and soap dispenser and faucet duo. The elite soap dispensers are  automatic, sensor-activated and touchless soap dispensers including tall version for countertop washbasins, stainless steel AISI316 version  with other finishes available, elite commercial soap dispenser model with soap level indicator and elite multifeed soap dispensers system. 

In conclusion, touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers are becoming increasingly popular for commercial and public bathrooms. Stern offers a range of trendy and durable touchless products that are designed to withstand high-traffic use. Touchless faucets prevent germ transmission, conserve water, and increase user accessibility, while automatic soap dispensers provide a cheaper, cleaner, and more effective way to kill germs. Moreover, combining the two creates a touch-free environment that eliminates cross contamination and increases usability. Stern’s Trendy series of soap dispensers offer smart, effective, and durable options to match your touchless faucet. Overall, touchless technology is not only trendy but also an essential component of maintaining a clean and germ-free environment in public and commercial washrooms.
We are a leading manufacturer of touchless sanitary solutions designed specifically for high traffic commercial restrooms and public areas. Our range of products includes touchless faucets, electronic automatic soap dispensers, and complete behind-the-mirror wash stations. With a focus on hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination, our products offer a smart, touch-free solution. Whether you are a business owner or facilities manager, our touchless sanitary solutions provide the perfect choice for creating a germ-free environment. Take the first step towards a healthier and safer space by exploring our range of products today.

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