Touchless taps and automatic soap dispensers – improve hygiene in your washroom project with ease!

Improve hygiene in your commercial bathroom project with ease using touchless taps and automatic soap dispensers. As hand hygiene has become increasingly important for the health and safety of clients and visitors, a touchless bathroom is now considered a safer and cleaner environment for all. Stern Engineering's Csaba touchless series offers a variety of shapes and colors, including a single deck-mounted touchless faucet, a duo set of matching faucet and automatic soap dispenser, or a 2-in-1 faucet and soap dispenser. These solutions are easy to install and ideal for new projects, replacements, or refurbishments. Discover the benefits of the Csaba touchless taps, including adjustable settings and a modern design, as well as the matching Csaba automatic soap dispensers.
Touchless taps and Automatic Soap Dispensers - Improve hygiene in your washroom project with ease

Easily improve hygiene in your commercial bathroom project with touchless taps and automatic soap dispensers!

If you are looking for easy ways to save water and hygiene in your next washroom or bathroom project? Introducing the Csaba taps from Stern Engineering.

When it comes to bathrooms, commercial washrooms and public restrooms hand hygiene is more important than ever. Today, you can say that it’s the most important factor for ensuring the health and safety of your clients visitors. Over the last couple of months, especially since workers are returning to offices and transportation all over the world, it has become more and more clear that a touchless bathroom is cleaner, more hygienic and a safer environment for all.

With this in mind, the csaba touchless series has been created – the csaba touchless taps from stern come in a variety of shapes and colors, as a single deck mounted touchless faucet, a duo set of matching faucet and automatic soap dispenser or a 2 in 1 csaba faucet and soap dispenser. These solutions easily fit existing fittings, and ideal not only for new bathroom projects but also for replacement or refurbishment projects.

The benefits of Csaba touchless tap

The Csaba touchless taps have a modern, rounded and sleek design for deck mounted installations. All touchless csaba taps are powered by transformer or long lasting batteries, and even includes a thermostatic version with mixer for water temperature adjustment for hot and cold water. Since the csaba tap have been created for commercial bathrooms and high traffic public washrooms all taps are supporting adjustable settings by remote control: sensor range, security time, delay in, delay out, on-off and reset to factory settings.

To Csaba Touchless Taps Series

Csaba Automatic Soap Dispensers

The Csaba touchless automatic soap dispenser has a matching design to the Csaba tap, however can serve as an individual soap dispenser for deck mounted installations. 

Stern’s high-quality touch-free soap dispensers are smart, effective and durable enough to handle the level of wear common in any commercial washroom for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way to kill germs. Explore our exciting assortment below to find your unique style.

The Csaba soap dispensers series 

Applications and use of the Csaba tap

The touchless tap is automatically activated when users place their hands in the sensor range and stops when the users remove their hands. Combining an elegant design with vandal-resistant features. Easy installation. Long lasting even in the harshest installation sites. Helps washrooms stay clean and saves water. Prevents cross contamination. Ideal for offices, hotels and restaurants.

Water saving, hygienic and green touchless solutions

The Csaba series is just one of our touchless taps series, but if you cannot find the right solution in the Csaba faucets and soap dispensers, you can see our other products series or contact us!

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