Smart touchless commercial bathroom

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hand hygiene has become a top priority for businesses and institutions. To meet this demand, many companies are turning to smat touchless commercial bathroom technology to provide a more hygienic experience for their customers and employees. By eliminating the need for physical contact with faucet handles, soap dispensers, and other bathroom fixtures, touchless technology can help reduce the spread of germs and improve overall cleanliness. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of smart touchless commercial bathrooms and how they can help create a safer and more hygienic environment for all.
Smart Touchless Commercial Bathroom - smart touchless faucet and smart automatic soap dispenser

Smart Touchless Commercial Bathroom

The global pandemic has significantly impacted our daily lives and the way we interact with public spaces. From grocery stores to office buildings, we are all looking for ways to minimize physical contact with surfaces and objects to reduce the risk of spreading germs and viruses. One area that has received increased attention is public restrooms. The idea of touching a faucet handle, soap dispenser, or paper towel dispenser in a public restroom is no longer as appealing as it once was. This is where smart touchless commercial bathrooms come in – a game-changing solution that offers both hygiene and convenience.

At Stern Engineering, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for commercial bathrooms. Our smart touchless commercial bathrooms line includes a range of high-quality electronic, sensor-activated, touchless, and automatic faucets and soap dispensers that are designed specifically for demanding commercial bathrooms and high-traffic public restrooms.

Why choose smart touchless commercial bathrooms?

The benefits of smart touchless commercial bathrooms are many. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key advantages:

Improved hygiene: Smart touchless commercial bathrooms help minimize the spread of germs and viruses by reducing the need for physical contact with surfaces and objects in the restroom. Users can easily activate faucets and soap dispensers with a simple hand wave or gesture, without the need to touch any surfaces.

Enhanced convenience: In addition to promoting hygiene, smart touchless commercial bathrooms also offer unparalleled convenience. Users can quickly and easily access water and soap without having to fiddle with handles or levers. The touchless system ensures that there is no need to clean up after each use, making it a more efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses.

Improved aesthetics: The sleek and modern design of smart touchless commercial bathrooms offers an enhanced visual appeal, making it a great addition to any restroom. The smart faucets and matching automatic soap dispensers are available in a range of sizes and models, allowing for a mix and match option to match the design and style of the restroom.

Water and energy savings: Smart touchless commercial bathrooms also help conserve water and energy. With the electronic, sensor-activated system, faucets only turn on when they detect a hand or object in the sink. This ensures that there is no wastage of water, and energy is conserved. Additionally, the smart faucets feature a thermostatic mixer that allows users to adjust the water temperature, ensuring that water is not unnecessarily heated.

Versatility: Smart touchless commercial bathrooms are highly versatile and can be installed in a range of commercial settings, including restaurants, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, and office buildings. They are designed to withstand high traffic, making them perfect for busy restrooms.

Smart touchless commercial bathroom

Smart touchless faucet and matching smart automatic soap dispenser

The most important feature the smart faucets series offers are the automatic smart soap dispensers to match the design, easy to install and as series name implies, this is the smart touchless and automatic dispensers for commercial bathrooms. The simple and robust design is suited for the most demanding commercial bathrooms and high traffic public toilets. 

You can always mix and match, and find the combination that is right for your project, but when selecting a matching duo of faucet and soap dispenser the whole process starting from installation to the final modern “feel” of the hand washing area is much easier. 

The smart commercial faucets series of high-quality water taps. The smart faucets are electronic, sensor-activated, touchless and automatic, including tall version for  countertop washbasins and a smart commercial bathroom faucet model with a thermostatic mixer for hot and cold water ( the faucet includes a mixer to adjust water temperature and filters ). In addition there is a long spout version to match all washbasins. 

Smart commercial soap dispensers series of high-quality touchless soap dispensers. The smart soap dispensers are electronic, sensor-activated, touchless automatic soap dispensers including tall version for  countertop washbasins  and a smart commercial soap dispenser model with soap level indicator. 

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