Automatic commercial bathroom – touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and hand dryers

Upgrade your commercial bathroom with touchless technology from Stern. Our automatic faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency. With less cleaning, water conservation, and germ-free operation, choosing Stern is the smart choice for your facility. Discover how electronic touchless faucets work and how much water you can save with them. Learn about automatic soap dispensers and how they improve hygiene while saving you money. Explore Stern's behind-the-mirror solutions for a sleek and modern look in your bathroom. Upgrade to a smarter, more hygienic bathroom with Stern.
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Automatic commercial bathroom products

See Stern’s automatic commercial bathroom products. Our touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers have been engineered and manufactured for the best and optimal commercial and high-traffic use. Less cleaning, water saving, germ-free, and cost-effective.
All the reasons to choose Stern for your bathroom products!

Touchless faucets

How do electronic touchless faucets work?

The main part of all electronic touchless faucets is an automatic valve.
The valve is responsible for the flow of water via a membrane or a rubber-like disc.
The faucet valve will remain closed and no water will flow through the faucet as long as the sensor doesn’t detect a signal.
When the sensor detects motion, an electronic message is sent to the solenoid. The electronic message pulls the valve open and allows water to flow.

Are automatic faucets for commercial bathrooms worth it?

Automatic faucets are the ideal choice for water-on-demand situations. The main aspect that influences water consumption is the fact that although it is more likely to accidentally activate the faucet and let water flow when using a touchless faucet, however, each activation is much more water efficient especially when water consumption over time is checked.
Automatic faucets will always require an upfront investment, but the water saving and decrease in germs help the environment and safety of your clients and workers.

How much water you can save with an automatic faucet?

Each year, you can save thousands of gallons of water when you install an automatic faucet. Each bathroom hand-washing area will usually have 3 – 6 faucets.
Installing an automatic faucet instead of a regular faucet will multiply the water saving per the number of automatic faucets.
Automatic faucets have become a staple in public bathrooms, they are more hygienic, more energy efficient, more convenient, and of course, more water-saving. Most bathroom suppliers and manufacturers report a water saving of up to 70% depending on specific faucet parts.

Automatic soap foam sanitizer dispensers

Do you need an automatic soap dispenser? If you want to maintain health and hygiene at your workplace, you should invest and take the step towards an automatic bathroom and automatic soap dispensers.
The soap dispensers that are electronic and fully automatic use motion sensors to detect the motion of the hands or the infrared energy emitted from the user’s body heat.
Since automatic soap dispensers are programable, they will dispense the precise and right amount of liquid soap solution or foam soap.

Are automatic soap dispensers worth it?

Since electronic and automatic soap dispensers are programable, each time, the soap dispenser will deliver the precise and optimal amount of soap every time.
Automatic soap dispensers will save you money, but that is only one of the benefits you will gain for your commercial bathroom.
The automatic soap dispensers, just like the touchless faucet, will influence the overall experience and look at your, or your client’s facility.

Learn more about commercial automatic soap dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers

Stern is a leading worldwide provider of automatic and touchless soap dispensers.
Touchless automatic soap dispensers release soap foam the moment a hand or an object is brought under the spout, into the sensor range.
Automatic soap dispensers are becoming more and more common in washrooms and bathrooms hand wash areas, delivering the best solutions for germ-free and touch-free soap dispensing.

All Automatic Soap Dispensers

Trendy Soap Dispenser

The Trendy series of touchless faucets and automatic trendy soap dispensers are one of the most stylish & robust solutions for commercial bathrooms.
Closing automatically and without dripping, Stern´s touch-free soap dispenser helps to ensure the bathroom will stay clean and neat. Combined with a Trendy touch-free automatic faucet, it creates a germ-free and automated environment.

Trendy soap dispenser

Smart Electronic Soap Dispenser

Stern is a leading worldwide provider of robust and automatic soap dispensers.

Smart Soap Dispenser

Behind the mirror system for commercial bathrooms

Stern’s behind-the-mirror solutions are designed for looks and function. The design is minimalistic and with a clean look, while having a robust and modern faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer all hidden behind the mirror – automatic and touchless sanitary solutions, but behind the mirror!
One of Stern’s bathroom breakthroughs, the all-inclusive SWAR, Soap, Water and Air Revolution, a complete sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror including a high-speed hand dryer, mixing valve, touch-free faucet, touch-free soap dispenser, and LED pictograms for user guidance, is now available in a variety of sizes and modules.

Complete Sanitary Cabinet

Behind-the-mirror cabinet - make your washroom clean, hygienic & germs free

Stern’s behind-the-mirror solutions are designed for looks and function. The design is minimalistic and with a clean look, while having a robust and modern faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer all hidden behind the mirror. Complete Sanitary Cabinet

Revolutionizing commercial bathrooms with automatic and touchless solutions

In conclusion, investing in smart touchless commercial bathroom solutions can bring numerous benefits to your facility. The use of touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and hand dryers not only saves water and reduces the spread of germs, but also creates a modern and hygienic environment for your clients and employees. Stern’s automatic bathroom products are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest standards for commercial and high-traffic use, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for your restroom needs. With Stern, you can achieve a germ-free and automated bathroom that is both functional and stylish.
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