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Innovative commercial bathroom solutions

Discover how Stern Engineering has elevated customer experiences through three exceptional case studies featuring innovative commercial bathroom solutions. In these captivating stories, we explore the successful transformation of restroom environments in diverse settings, each tailored to meet unique needs and requirements.
  • Amazon Costa Rica Commercial Bathroom Project:
    Explore the remarkable journey of Amazon Costa Rica’s restroom transformation with Stern Engineering’s Touch Free Wall Mounted Faucets. Witness how these cutting-edge faucets have redefined hygiene, efficiency, and user satisfaction, setting new standards for excellence in commercial bathroom technology.
  • Commercial Office Project in the Upper Hill District – Nairobi:
    Uncover the success story of a commercial office building in Nairobi’s Upper Hill District, where Stern Engineering installed over 500 units of Touch Free Faucets and Concealed Electronic Flush Valves for Urinals. Delve into the impact of these touchless solutions on user comfort, water conservation, and overall restroom functionality.
  • New York Times Building – Commercial Bathroom Project:
    Step into the iconic New York Times Building, where Stern Engineering’s Touchless Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers, and Flush Valves for Urinals and Toilets have been seamlessly integrated. Discover how these state-of-the-art bathroom accessories have elevated the restroom experience in this renowned skyscraper.

Join us on this inspiring journey through three Stern case studies, and witness firsthand the transformative power of our commercial bathroom solutions. Experience the commitment to excellence and innovation that drives Stern Engineering to create hygienic, efficient, and user-friendly restroom environments for businesses worldwide.

Touchless sanitary solutions for commercial restrooms

Stern Engineering is a leading manufacturer of touchless sanitary solutions for commercial restrooms. Our range of products includes touchless faucets, electronic automatic soap dispensers, and complete behind-the-mirror wash stations. All of our products are designed and manufactured specifically for high traffic commercial uses and public areas. Looking for smart, touch-free solutions to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination? Our touchless sanitary solutions for commercial restrooms are the perfect choice. Explore our range of products today and take the first step towards a germ-free, touch-free environment.

Here are three case studies that showcase the benefits of our products:

  • Bredager School Green Renovations: Stern Engineering provided touchless faucets and soap dispensers for the school’s bathroom renovation project. The touchless features reduce the spread of germs and improve hygiene in the school’s high-traffic restrooms. In addition, the products are energy-efficient and contribute to the school’s sustainability goals.
  • Bombardier Trains: Stern Engineering installed touchless faucets and soap dispensers in Bombardier’s train restrooms. These products provide a hygienic and convenient solution for passengers and reduce the risk of contamination in a high-traffic environment. The touchless features also make it easier for the train staff to maintain cleanliness in the restrooms.
  • Britam Nairobi Office Bathroom: Stern Engineering supplied touchless faucets and soap dispensers for Britam’s office bathroom renovation project. The touchless features reduce the spread of germs and improve hygiene in the office’s high-traffic restrooms. In addition, the products are stylish and modern, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the office space.

In all three case studies, Stern Engineering’s touchless sanitary solutions provided numerous benefits, including improved hygiene, reduced risk of contamination, energy efficiency, and style. With Stern Engineering’s range of products, businesses can create a germ-free, touch-free environment for their customers and employees.

About the Customer: Breding School is located in the historical village of Jelling in Southern Denmark

Key Challenges: Sanitary facilities in the school consist of 60 lavatory compartments and washrooms complete with fixtures including manual hand faucets.

About the Customer: Bombardier Transportation today is one of the world’s largest companies in the rail vehicle industry.

Key Challenges: There are many challenges involved in the design of sanitary facilities in transit.

About the Customer: Britam Tower is the newest and tallest landmark office project in Upper Hill, Nairobi

Key Challenges: Construction designers have used impressive combinations of steel, glass, wood and marble, making it an exciting addition to the innovative landscape of the city.

Go touchless with Stern

At Stern Engineering, we offer a diverse range of commercial bathroom solutions that combine both style and practicality. Our sanitary solutions stand out from traditional soap dispensers, faucets, hand dryers, and flush valves found in commercial and public bathrooms across the globe, with robust, touchless, and automatic features. Our comprehensive collection of touchless dispensers is versatile and can be installed on any type of wall or deck, allowing for creative freedom in designing a modern touchless bathroom hand-washing area. With matching touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers, you can create a cohesive and seamless touchless experience. Our broad range of solutions also allows us to provide an all-in-one solution for clients worldwide, with a focus on design, functionality, easy installation, and low maintenance.
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Touchless Faucets

Stern offers touchless commercial faucets, wash stations and other sanitary solutions designed for high traffic and public environments. Our products are durable, reliable, and promote a germ-free environment by eliminating the need for physical touch. Choose from our deck or wall mounted touchless faucets for an upgrade in practicality and hygiene. Experience the benefits of Stern's solutions today.

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