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Transformation of Sanitary Facilities for Bombardier Intercity Trains

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Passenger trains have been providing long-distance intercity travel, daily commuter trips and local urban transit services for many years. The planning and implementation of any sanitary facilities project for rail transport involves extraordinary technical requirements with specific technical regulations and licensing procedures which need to be considered. This includes maintaining unrestricted facilities and a smooth-running process in transit for passengers.

About the Customer:

Bombardier Inc. is a multinational aerospace and transportation company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bombardier was founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1942 and in 1970 Bombardier became involved in the rail business. Bombardier Transportation today is one of the world’s largest companies in the rail vehicle industry.

Key Challenges:

There are many challenges involved in the design of sanitary facilities in transit. On trains, the toilets are often situated at the ends of the carriages and are placed in very tight spaces leaving little room for passers to maneuver let alone space for the sanitary design. Vandalism is also an issue often on long journeys, unfortunately there will always be those who litter, trash and indulge in vandalism. Combating vandalism has always been a huge challenge especially on transportation. Hygiene and cross contamination are also issues that are present as with any other public and commercial washroom spaces.

Solution Implementation:

All Bombardier Intercity Trains have been fitted out with the Stern Green Model Touch Free Faucets and matching Green Automatic Soap Dispensers. The Green Series was chosen for its cross contamination prevention abilities, its minimalist design, and its anti- vandal features.

Measurable Results:

The minimalist features and the angle of the special design of the Green faucets and soap dispensers have ensured that the small spaces have been used to their fullest, this has definitely been a project where less is more. By combining such an elegant design with anti-vandal features, the Green Model Faucets with their solid brass one-piece construction and latching solenoid valve, that is located above deck inside the product, have also added extra onboard vandal protection.

The Green Soap Dispensers automatically activate when the passenger brings their hands within the sensor range and close automatically, without dripping, ensuring that the onboard washrooms stay organized and neat even on long journeys when maintenance staff are not always available. The combination of the Green touch free electronic faucet and Green Soap Dispensers has created a stylish, germ-free, automated environment helping to prevent cross contamination onboard Bombardier Intercity Trains across Canada.

SWAR - Soap, Water & Air Revolution

Stern’s touchless tap, soap dispenser and high-speed hand dryer or paper dispenser behind a mirror at a lockable cabinet. Behind The Mirror Cabinet – Clean, Hygienic & Germs Free Bathroom Solution One of Stern’s bathroom breakthroughs, the all-inclusive SWAR, Soap, Water and Air Revolution, a complete sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror including a high-speed hand dryer, mixing valve, touch-free faucet, touch-free soap dispenser, and LED pictograms for user guidance, is now available in a variety of sizes and modules.

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Touchless faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers can effortlessly improve hygiene, and in addition, they save water, soap and energy. At Stern, everything is developed and produced onsite, from complete products to specific components such as infrared sensors, piezo switches and solenoid valves. In addition to our standard product range, we also manufacture custom-made products on demand. By maintaining core operations onsite, Stern ensures the high quality of its cost-effective products and components.