The commercial tubular touchless trio

The commercial tubular touchless trio

The commercial tubular touchless trio

Introducing a top-notch product with a unique concept - the ultimate touchless commercial hand-washing solution! The electronic Tubular touchless trio combines multiple components into one unit, offering a modern and durable bathroom solution. With this package, you can enjoy the convenience of choosing from a variety of electronic tubular faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of buying each element separately, and upgrade your bathroom experience with the commercial Tubular touchless trio today!
The commercial tubular touchless trio

A Sleek and Hygienic Touchless Solution for Commercial Bathrooms

The Tubular Series from Stern offers a trio of wall-mounted touchless products designed for commercial use. Featuring a sleek and modern tubular design, the series includes a touchless wall-mounted faucet, an automatic touchless soap dispenser, and a touchless hand dryer. 

This all-in-one solution is perfect for high-traffic locations such as airports, restaurants, and hospitals, where hygiene and convenience are top priorities. 

The touchless technology of these products not only helps reduce the spread of germs but also adds a modern touch to any space. The Tubular Series from Stern is a reliable and stylish solution for any commercial bathroom.

Introducing the Tubular Trio series

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of maintaining hygiene and sanitation in public spaces, the demand for touchless solutions has never been greater. In response to this need, Stern has created the Tubular Series, a trio of touchless products designed specifically for modern commercial restrooms. 

With sleek and modern designs, touchless technology, and eco-friendly features, the Tubular Series offers a hygienic and convenient experience for any modern commercial restroom. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the products in the series.

The electronic Tubular touch-free faucet series is manufactured with a smooth feel that inspires a sense of cleanliness. Stern’s electronic Touch Free & Automated sanitary products are the perfect solution for a commercial or a public bathroom. We offer completely contact-free electronic tubular faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers!
The Tubular touchless wall-mounted faucet is the perfect solution for any commercial or public restroom. With a sleek and modern design, this faucet adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The touchless technology ensures the highest level of hygiene, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as airports, restaurants, and hospitals. The faucet is also designed with sustainability in mind, with an automatic shut-off feature to conserve water. With a variety of finish options available, the Tubular touchless wall-mounted faucet is a stylish and practical choice for any commercial bathroom.
Touchless-Tubular-Faucets-Series_ (2)

Touchless Tubular faucets series

To be used with cold or premixed water. Activated by an infrared sensor. Chrome plated body, other finishes available. Includes a low battery indicator.

Tubular-Faucets-with-Water-Mixer (2)

Electronic Tubular faucets with water mixer

Stern Tubular 1000 – for hot and cold water, includes a mixer for water temperature adjustment. Activated by an infrared sensor. Chrome plated body, other finishes available. Includes a low-battery indicator.

Tubular-Wave-DP-LE_ (2)

Tubular Wave DP LE

Activated by wave infrared sensor. For cold or premixed water. Long spout version. The latching solenoid valve is located in the IP67 waterproof dual power input box.

The Tubular automatic soap dispenser from Stern is a sleek and modern touchless solution for commercial and public restrooms. Designed with hygiene and convenience in mind, this soap dispenser features touchless technology that helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. With a range of color options available, it can be easily integrated into any restroom decor. The soap dispenser is also eco-friendly, with a low energy consumption rate and a refillable reservoir to minimize waste. The Tubular automatic soap dispenser is the perfect choice for any modern commercial restroom looking for a touchless and hygienic soap solution.
Touch-free electronic hand dryer for wall-mounted installations. Concealed installation in dry walls as well as concrete and brick walls. Stainless steel AISI316 is available and more… Powered by 110V-120/220V-240Vac. The Tubular Hand dryer will automatically shut off after being used for 60 seconds. Sensor settings can be customized by remote control.

The Tubular Trio series

In summary, the Tubular Series by Stern offers a range of touchless products for modern commercial restrooms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the touchless wall mounted faucet, automatic soap dispenser, and hand dryer, the series provides a complete solution for any commercial restroom. 

The series is designed with sustainability in mind, with each product featuring eco-friendly features such as low water consumption and energy efficiency. Overall, the Tubular Series is a perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their commercial restroom with hygienic and convenient touchless solutions.

As a top-tier manufacturer of touchless sanitation solutions for commercial restrooms, we offer a diverse array of products, including touchless faucets, electronic automatic soap dispensers, and comprehensive wash stations concealed behind mirrors. Each of our products is meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of high-traffic commercial use and public areas, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Whether you’re seeking intelligent, touch-free solutions to bolster hygiene and mitigate the risk of contamination, our touchless sanitation solutions are the perfect option. Browse our product range today and take the first step towards fostering a hygienic, touch-free environment.

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