Touchless tubular faucets, tubular soap dispensers and tubular hand dryers

Tubular Trio - The best touchless tubular faucets, tubular soap dispensers and tubular hand dryers

The Tubular touchless trio

A great product with a great concept – putting everything you need for a completely touchless hand washing experience!
Choose your combination of touchless tubular faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers, for a modern design and robust bathroom solution.
This consolidates several trades into a single unit and saves a lot of money when compared to providing everything separately.

The tubular touch free faucets series is solidly welded with a supple feel that inspires a sense of nobility.

Touch Free Automated & Self closing sanitary products by Stern are the perfect solution for a commercial or a public bathroom. We offer completely contact free faucets, soap dispensers & hand dryers!

Providing the ultimate germ free environment, with a matching stern wall mounted faucet – soap dispenser – hand dryer design for a modern bathroom design.

Stern’s touchless faucets are ideal for public bathrooms to help conserve water and limit the spread of germs and bacteria. Given their ease of installation and maintenance, our touchless technology reduces grime and saves time – Touchless Faucet – Bathroom Deck Mounted Faucet – Commercial Bathroom – Electronic Faucet

Touchless Tubular Faucets Series​

To be used with cold or premixed water.
Activated by an infrared sensor.
Chrome plated body, other finishes available.
Includes a low battery indicator.

Stern tubular 1000 – for hot and cold water, includes mixer for water temperature adjustment. Activated by an infrared sensor. Chrome plated body, other finishes available. Includes a low battery indicator.

Activated by wave infrared sensor.
For cold or premixed water.
Long spout version.
Latching solenoid valve is located in the IP67 water proof dual power input box.

The stern tubular soap dispenser series, as its name, is a wall mounted tubular line of faucets. The automatic soap dispensers have the form of a hollow cylinder, or tube.

Electronic sensor-activated touchless automatic soap dispensers, hands free soap dispensers including foam and gel-based hand sanitizer stands and more.
For almost 35 years Stern has been the leading manufacturer of touchless sanitary ware reshaping bathroom experience for millions worldwide, and the Tubular touch free soap dispenser series is one of our best selling products.

Touch-free electronic hand dryer for wall-mounted installations.
Concealed installation in dry walls as well as concrete and brick walls.
Stainless steel AISI316 is available and more…
Powered by 110V-120/220V-240Vac.
The Tubular Hand dryer will automatically shut off after being used for more than 60 seconds.
Sensor settings can be customized by remote control.

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More tubular designed touchless faucets

The D28 touch free faucets series is the regal tubular blitz for that zesty feel! Our germ free automated sanitary products will transform your bathroom to a clean, water saving & smart bathroom. The D28 series is a completely contact free faucet with matching design soap dispensers providing the ultimate germ free environment.
The Malmo touch free faucets series – Brave curves wrapped in a pragmatic form. Stern’s unique wall mounted faucets are creating a neater overall look and generate more countertop space for storage and décor, both aesthetically and physically cleaner.
Deck mounted faucet combining an elegant design with anti-vandal features. The faucet includes a dual power input box that can be used to operate the product by battery or transformer.

Tubular soap dispensers but deck mounted

The Green & Green 28 soap dispensers are the best touch free electronic automatic soap dispenser for deck mounted installations. The touchless deck mounted duo is just one of the matching designs tubular soap dispensers and faucets. 

The best touchless Water, Soap and Air dispensing solutions for bathrooms.

At Stern we focus on design & functionality. All of our bathroom hand washing solutions, have a modern design. All of our products are vandal resistant and robust,  especially the tubular deck mounted and wall mounted, faucets and automatic soap dispensers.

Check out some of Sterns inspiring bathroom installations and the SWAR New Options – Soap, Water & Air Revolution!

The SWAR is a Behind The Mirror Cabinet – Clean, Hygienic & Germs Free Bathroom Solution.