The best automatic soap dispensers

Automatic Soap Dispenser Behind mirror cabinet - Behind The Mirror Faucets, Behind Mirror Foam Soap Dispensers

Stern’s high-quality touchless soap dispensers are smart & effective. Electronic soap and foam dispensers must be durable enough to handle the level of wear common in any public or commercial washroom. Stern’s automatic soap dispensers designed for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way to kill germs, simply the best automatic soap dispensers.

Explore our exciting assortment below to find your unique style – soap or foam dispenser, automatic soap dispenser for wall or deck installations or a modern lockable cabinet with a modular behind the mirror solutions as a complete hand washing station behind the mirror.

All of Stern’s automatic soap and foam dispensers generate fewer drips, greater savings on soap and water, and easier cleaning and maintenance. Touchless foam dispensers are the ideal way to promote better hygiene across public washrooms with Stern’s variety of touch-free foam dispensers and more…

The best automatic soap dispensers

All of Stern’s soap dispensers, foam dispensers and hand sanitizer stands close automatically without dripping, and ensure that the bathroom will stay organized and neat. The Classic soap dispensers are deck mounted with a rounded faucet neck. The series of soap dispensers can be combined with Swan touch free electronic faucet, the Classic touchless faucets or the Easy series, for a germ-free and automated environment.
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The Smart soap dispenser series – Straight devotion in a casual package!
Not everything needs to be smart, have a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi. When it comes to public, commercial and high traffic bathrooms, a smart solution is what you are looking for. Shop for electronic, sensor-activated, touchless automatic soap dispensers including foam and gel-based hand sanitizer stands and more.

Why choose the Smart soap dispenser series?
Touch free electronic smart soap dispensers are activated automatically when the users bring their hands within the sensor range and stops when the users remove their hands. Stern’s touchless faucets are ideal for public bathrooms to help conserve water and limit the spread of germs and bacteria. Given their ease of installation and maintenance, our touchless technology reduces grime and saves time. The Smart soap dispensers series can be matched in a duo with the touchless smart faucets series.

The Trendy automatic soap dispenser series have a functional, robust and trendy design that helps conserve water and limit the spread of germs and bacteria in bathrooms around the world. The Trendy touch free faucets series – Classically columnar with a metropolitan twist.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple soap dispenser, with a specific finish or a specific soap dispenser design, the Trendy soap dispenser can be the perfect solution for you too! The trendy soap dispenser has a foam-dispensing version, a tall version and a multi feed trendy soap dispensing versions.

We manufacture touchless automatic soap dispensers, touch free hand sanitizers & behind the mirror wash station complete or modular sanitary ware solutions with touch free soap dispensers or foam dispensers behind the mirror. All of Our touchless soap dispensers and hand sanitizer stands specifically designed & manufactured for high traffic commercial uses and public areas. So, if you are looking for commercial touch free soap dispenser or you want to take a leap and go Germ Free, see our line of soap dispensers created for commercial use, or contact us.

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What is the best automatic soap dispenser?

If you are looking to shop for an automatic soap dispenser for a commercial or public bathroom project, the best automatic soap dispenser is the one you need according to your specifications. All Stern soap dispensers are smart and sensor based dispensers, created for the most demanding and high traffic locations around the world. Each soap dispenser has its unique features, a wide range of colors and finishes, with sustainability in mind. 

Here are some of Sterns most reviewed automatic soap dispensers: 

Stern’s Trendy series of high-quality touchless soap dispensers. Smart, effective and durable soap dispensers to handle the level of wear common in any commercial washroom for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way for a germ free environment.

Stern’s Smart automatic soap dispensers series of high-quality touchless soap dispensers. The smart soap dispensers are electronic, sensor-activated, touch-free automatic soap dispensers including tall version for  countertop washbasins  and a smart commercial Soap Dispenser model with soap level indicator. 

The elite automatic soap dispensers series is one of the most installed soap dispenser and soap dispenser and faucet duo. The elite soap dispensers are  automatic, sensor-activated and touchless soap dispensers including tall version for countertop washbasins, stainless steel AISI316 version  with other finishes available, elite commercial soap dispenser model with soap level indicator and elite multifeed soap dispensers system. 

Behind the mirror soap dispensers are automatic and touchless soap dispensers, just behind the mirror, in a variety of lockable cabinets. As we stay on the cutting edge of innovation, we continuously upgrade to predict and exceed your demands. Accommodating highly specific design features and confirming delivery with confidence.

Alternatively, our modular system, made up of automatic soap or foam dispensers, touch-free faucets, high-speed hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers can be put together according to the needs of your project. The concept is smart, functional and easy to maintain. No more queuing for hand dryers or water dripping across the floor with the SWA Module. Our solutions enable users to wash and dry their hands at the basins, taking away the need to move around the washroom.

As a result, traffic flow decreases, washrooms become less cluttered, and there is less water on the floor providing essential hand hygiene while keeping your commercial washroom looking its best.